Introducing the Single-Node Trial for Migration and App Modernization

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Single-Node Trial for Migration and Application Modernization

The Single-node Trial for Migration and Application Modernization is a quick way to migrate VMware workloads into the IBM Cloud and modernize a handful of simple workloads using containers.

But, why should you care about application modernization? Modernizing VMware-based legacy applications has been a popular theme for our customers as part of their larger digital transformation. Customers are looking to unlock innovation in their existing applications and adopt cloud-native development practices to gain a competitive edge. IBM Cloud helps customers achieve this with services like VMware Solutions and IBM Cloud Private Hosted to lift, shift, and transform their legacy workloads in the cloud.

The Single-node Trial for Migration and App Modernization is a quick way to test-drive IBM Cloud for VMware workloads. Lift and shift up to 20 development/test virtual machines to the IBM Cloud using VMware HCX and VMware vCenter Servers, and modernize two of those applications via containers for a complete end-to-end application modernization solution. Automation will install and configure VMware HCX in the IBM Cloud, provide an on-premise HCX activation key, and install and configure a small development/test topology of IBM Cloud Private Hosted in a matter of hours.

For customers who might need assistance in migrating their workloads, IBM is offering On-Demand Consulting from IBM Cloud Expert Services. Additionally, IBM Cloud Garage Services can help accelerate application modernization through the latest cloud-native practices.

Get started with the Single-Node trial today

To take advantage of the offer, simply fill out the form here and an IBM Cloud team member will be in touch to help you begin your trial. Additional information on this trial can be found in the IBM Cloud Console.

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