IBM App Connect Wins a Spark International 2017 Design Award

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IBM App Connect Wins a Spark International 2017 Design Award

The IBM Hybrid Cloud design team has recently been awarded the Spark Award in the Experience & Service Design category for IBM App Connect. This is the second award this year for IBM Hybrid Cloud Design. IBM App Connect is a relatively new offering, which has been designed from scratch over the last couple of years. IBM has already been a recognized leader in the integration middleware space. Creating the hybrid cloud-based App Connect offering was the next step in broadening our integration platform to meet the needs of modern businesses. Design thinking is innate to how App Connect was created, giving the product an extra advantage and edge in the software enterprise market.

This is big news for IBM as it showcases the design driven nature of our products, and how IBM is implementing design thinking across all of our latest technology. Design is becoming a bigger trend in the tech industry and is being integrated into many organizations, and this award is just one sign of this shift in our latest tech products.

Read more here for more details on how IBM APP Connect was created, and how design played a role in structuring the product:

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