Security Insights Now Generally Available in the Security and Compliance Center

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We’re taking another step forward in our mission to help you achieve continuous security and compliance as you build on IBM Cloud by announcing the general availability of Security Insights.

As a security focal, you’re always looking for ways to ensure that your business is continuously compliant and secure. With the Security and Compliance Center, you can now enable Security Insights so that you can analyze activity and identify suspicious behavior in your IBM Cloud resources and applications.

Note: As part of this release, the beta version of Network Insights is deprecated and will no longer be supported as of 12 February 2021.

What is Security Insights?

Formerly known as Security Advisor, Security Insights helps you to gain a better understanding of the potential risks that can impact your environments. For example, you can identify image vulnerabilities, expiring certificates, and threats through network or access behavior.

security insights

With Security Insights, you get access to the following:

  • Centralized security risk and posture management
  • Threat detection and security risk prevention
  • Customized alert notifications
  • Suggested remediation steps to mitigate issued findings
  • Analysis of your network and activity data
  • A better understanding of your current security status

In addition to those capabilities, we offer the ability to integrate your own custom security tools and provide integrated experiences with our business partners Caveonix , Twistlock, and NeuVector. These partnerships help to further assess the risk and compliance posture for VMWare workloads that you deploy on IBM Cloud or, more specifically, IBM Cloud for Financial Services. Check out our partner success story to learn more.

How does it work?

Security Insights analyzes collected data to determine when behavior is out of the ordinary or suspicious. With Activity Insights, user or application activity that is logged by IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA is compared against predefined rule packages to flag behavior that can affect the security of your applications. For example, you can identify if there is an action with security implications that takes place outside of normal working hours. Network Insights continuously monitors and analyzes the network communication captured by your VPC flow logs against the known threat intelligence that is gathered by IBM X-Force to help mitigate risk. For example, you can identify attempts to compromise VSIs if your applications receive communication from a peer that is known to be a potential threat. 

To learn more about Security Insights and review the predefined rule packages, see the documentation.

How can I get started?

To start gaining insight into potential security issues, you can enable Security Insights in the IBM Cloud console. With Insights enabled, be sure that you've configured your data settings and then complete the few set up steps that are required for Activity and Network Insights.

With Insights enabled, be sure that you've configured your data settings and then complete the few set up steps that are required for Activity and Network Insights.

How do I remove the beta version of Network Insights?

The analysis of your IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service clusters will automatically stop on 12 February 2021. But, that does not stop the collection of your IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service network logs to your IBM Cloud Object Storage bucket. If Network Insights is the only reason that you have for storing your IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service network logs, you should to delete your data and remove the insights components from your cluster. 

To fully remove the beta version of Network Insights, complete the following steps:

  1. Delete the Network Insights components from your cluster.
  2. Delete your stored data from Cloud Object Storage.


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