Announcing IBM LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers

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IT Leaders face a new challenge on top of their existing missions to modernize applications and reduce cost: achieve sustainability.

IBM LinuxONE now offers flexibility to realize these goals with new on- and off-prem delivery options.

87% of global infrastructure decision makers surveyed indicate that they have a hybrid strategy for their company. This model balances total cost of ownership, energy efficiency, speed of innovation and flexibility. However, hybrid strategies are often complicated by cost reductions, compatibility with existing deployments and even sustainability goals.

To meet these needs, IBM offers LinuxONE, an enterprise-grade Linux platform with unique architecture to meet the needs of mission-critical workloads, delivering the security, scalability and efficiency you need. Companies choose to use LinuxONE for a variety of Linux-based workloads such as database scalability or application modernization with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Building off the excitement of the recent LinuxONE Emperor 4 launch, IBM is announcing the general availability of IBM LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers. This offering is a new way to deploy the LinuxONE platform in an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) model off-premises, while maintaining all the benefits such as core consolidation, resulting software license savings and reduction in energy consumption to drive sustainability goals.

What are LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers?

LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers are dedicated servers based on the LinuxONE processor architecture known as s390x. Select from a set of pre-configured profiles with corresponding amounts of memory and storage to run workloads that are highly performant on the LinuxONE platform. This grants additional and unique options for companies and individuals looking to develop with the backing of an enterprise-grade Linux server. Spin up an instance in under ten minutes to experience the benefits and add capacity as needed, with hourly pricing and rapid provisioning.

LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers come with a host of built-in capabilities that are designed with the hybrid enterprise in mind.  These include the following:

  • Dedicated IFL and memory assignment, which ensures workloads benefits from performance — suitable for high performance workloads
  • Integration with private networking, which provides the benefits of isolation, floating IP, public gateways, security groups and VPN gateways
  • Start/Stop/Restart so you can invoke restart without submitting a ticket and waiting for help
  • Activity Tracker to monitor the bare metal instance through integration and to understand utilization and health

Why choose LinuxONE?

LinuxONE operates as a truly green IT platform. The same workload running on LinuxONE could require up to 75% less electricity and related carbon generation compared to using x86 servers. Add LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers for off-premises capacity, and get a leg up on meeting environmental goals and reducing the carbon footprint of your IT operations.

There are two popular workload examples that customers choose to run on LinuxONE, and both come with the added benefit of sustainability.

  1. Data-serving workloads with core consolidation and improved sustainability: Take advantage of an efficient system that can consolidate a series of x86 systems down to a single LinuxONE. Conserve energy and cost, and pair that with the per core licenses that many databases use. The result is up to 80% license savings when running a database on LinuxONE instead of an x86 alternative.
  2. Application Modernization workloads, especially those running on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP): When adopting OCP as your flexible container delivery platform, you have a choice for solution deployment. LinuxONE provides lower latency and faster throughput for these workloads compared to the competition. Bare Metal expands that choice with additional flexibility to run in new ways.

Get started today

Provisioning, deployment and management all occur through the IBM Bare Metal Servers provisioning page. Check out the documentation for additional help.

LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers are available in São Paulo Multi-Zone Region (MZRs) and will be rolled out to Washington D.C. London, Toronto and Tokyo regions.

Access to LinuxONE Bare Metal Servers is currently via allow-list only. To get started, immediately contact or your local IBM representative or business partner.


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