Leading the way in IoT

Sugar Creek Brewery adds Watson IoT, AI to recipe

To reduce waste and produce a more consistent product, this small brewery added sensors to the bottling line and AI to the mix. Real-time data on temperature, and fill and foam levels feed up to the IBM Cloud — and give brewers the power to make a fantastic product.


Rethinking your business with IoT

With the growing investment in IoT, you increase the potential to change the business model for physical things. Explore the implications of the “as-a-Service” world as we progress from purely physical assets to purely digital ones.

Start small, scale fast

Securely connect, collect and start processing IoT data quickly and easily with Watson IoT™ Platform. And because it uses IBM Cloud, your company can scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels.

Visualize, analyze and act

Take advantage of the analytics service for visualization and AI-driven analytics in the cloud. It provides your line of business with an extensible catalog of analytical functions to enrich, augment and, ultimately, gain insights from data in a simple and intuitive way.

Track, trace and trust

Enable shared and secured information across your business network with the blockchain service. It enables Internet of Things (IoT) and assets to validate provenance and events in a trusted, immutable ledger — increasing trust and transparency across ecosystems.

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Product behind this solution

IBM Watson IoT platform

Get a quick start on your next IoT project. Watson IoT Platform is a managed, cloud-hosted service designed to make it simple to derive value from your IoT devices.


Client success

L'Oreal and IBM: An Industry 4.0 makeover

One billion consumers turn to L’Oreal for their beauty and cosmetics needs. When it came time for its own Industry 4.0 makeover, L’Oreal chose IBM and the IoT Platform. It’s a partnership focused on using data to take the right actions at the right time, create new services and maintain high product quality.

Manufacturing assembly line undergoes Industry 4.0 makeover

Idaho National Labs and IBM: Predicting weather with IoT

Each day, Idaho National Lab (INL), one of the nation’s premier nuclear researchers, buses in 3,000 employees to work. With unpredictable micro-climates along the route, INL needed to alert drivers to rapidly changing weather conditions. That’s why INL partnered with Watson IoT™ on a predictive data analytics model to keep everyone safer.

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Sandvik and IBM: Putting IoT to work for manufacturing

Above ground, it’s easy to track what’s happening with assets. But underground, an equipment breakdown is much harder to address. See how Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology is using the IoT Platform to reinvent the way customers analyze, learn and communicate through their assets.

Connected mining truck and excavator deliver data from construction site