How Watson Education, Scholastic and Edmodo are using AI to close the learning gap

By | 3 minute read | June 26, 2018

In classrooms with children of all ages and in schools around the world, teachers are met with the challenge of addressing each student’s individual needs and the rate at which he or she learns. At IBM our Watson Education team is focused on leveraging AI to improve learning outcomes and implement solutions that will help all students succeed. The IBM Watson Education platform relies on digital trends and AI to give teachers the tools they need to be most effective and help learners perform at the top of their abilities.

By using AI as an added assistant in the classroom, our goal is to encourage lifelong learning where each person is met with the individualized tools they need to succeed in school and beyond. To help achieve this goal, we are excited to announce two new collaborations with Scholastic and Edmodo.

Expanding our reach through these new partnerships way will give educators the resources they need to ensure that there is no gap between what a student is expected to learn and what he or she has actually learned. IBM AI paired with Scholastic and Edmodo’s existing educational infrastructures streamline this process by highlighting student-specific needs within the context of curricular standards. Scholastic and Edmodo are both leaders in the field of education and we are excited to use AI to bring our shared vision to life.

We are collaborating with Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company, to bring IBM’s Watson Education Platform users a vast variety of nonfiction content that aligns with curriculum standards and has multiple, leveled articles and media for students at every skill and interest level.

Combining the content from Scholastic GO!® and ScienceFlix™ with IBM’s AI capabilities will allow teachers to understand the learning progression and mastery of each student, while creating recommendations catered to individual needs and abilities.

This image is showing integrated content from Scholastic GO!® and ScienceFlix™ surfacing in Watson Classroom’s Cognitive Library.

IBM will leverage its Watson Education Cognitive Library to improve content tagging, which will have an immediate improvement on teachers’ ability to provide customized recommendations to students based on performance. This will incorporate content from Scholastic GO!® and ScienceFlix.™

This image is showing integrated content from Scholastic GO!® and ScienceFlix™ surfacing in Watson Classroom’s Cognitive Library.

IBM and Edmodo — the world’s largest learning network for K–12 students, teachers, administrators and parents — are collaborating to develop a personalized content recommendation engine that can be integrated within Edmodo’s existing social education platform. Teachers and students on Edmodo will receive personalized recommendations for learning resources by combining Watson Classroom’s Cognitive Library service and the millions of resources that have been shared by educators on Edmodo. Classes that have integrated Edmodo will be able to see recommended multimedia content that aligns to the grade level, age and subject matter interests of students. In addition the team will be leveraging IBM Watson Tutor technology to create a new service that grants teachers on Edmodo the ability to select a package of topic-specific questions to assign to a student as either a learning activity or a natural language conversational assessment.

AI has the potential to help close the learning gap and to equalize opportunity regardless of student-teacher ratio, school budget or lack of resources. All students benefit from an education that is tailored to their strengths and learning patterns. With Watson Education and our new collaborations with Scholastic and Edmodo, we are making strides toward creating a more personalized learning experience that is catered to each individual student. Together with our growing ecosystem of education partners, we look forward to cultivating an environment for life-long learners to grow, succeed and overcome challenges of all shapes and sizes.

Transforming learning with Watson Education

Watson Education is bringing education into the cognitive era through personalization. With Watson Education, educators and students together can transform the individualized learning throughout their lifelong learning journey. Our cognitive solutions that understand, reason and learn help educators gain insights into the learning styles, preferences, and the aptitude of every student.

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