Smarter Shopping

IT Infrastructure for the New Era of Retailing

The following is a guest blog by Susan Confort, Vice President, Industry Marketing, IBM Systems & Technology Group; and Chairman, Associate Member Council, National Retail Federation. It’s official.  The new era of retail is here driven by empowered consumers who have changed shopping forever.  Consider the recent 2012 holiday season.  On Black Friday,  online sales […]

Building Brand Equity with Social Media

Guest post by Errol Denger, an IBM Smarter Commerce Leader. We are hearing marketers say,’ I don’t care how many Facebook fans I have if they aren’t buying our products?’  While it is highly unlikely that consumers make purchasing decisions based on the number of Twitter followers, what actually does move the needle to advance […]

Patata, potato, iPhone or iPad – U.S. and U.K. shoppers shop in different ways

The following is a guest post by Chris Withers, UKI Smarter Commerce Lead, Software Group & Smarter Commerce Value Creation Lead, European IOT. As the Huffington Post explains, there is no consensus in the U.K. on which date represents Mega Monday – the online shopping bonanza that takes place on a Monday before Christmas. Some […]

IBM’s Jay Henderson Talks Marketing and Technology with Chief Content Officer Magazine

IBM’s Jay Henderson, Strategy Director for IBM Smarter Commerce spoke to Chief Content Officer Magazine’s Pamela Muldoon as part of the Content Marketing 360 Radio Show, regarding how IBM is transforming the marketing industry. Jay touched on the marriage between marketing and technology and the need for organizations to bring together their chief marketing officers […]

The Big Winner This Holiday Season? The Consumer

The following is a guest blog by Jill Puleri, IBM Global Retail Leader. All the benchmark stats are in, which means we’ve made it through another Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping spree. Who won this holiday season? It’s clear the big winner is the consumer. The digitally savvy consumer has become the leading […]

IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Results Show Retailers Scored Big With Consumers!

Join the #smartershopping Conversation – Richard Feinberg, professor of consumer sciences and retailing at Purdue University, and Jill Puleri, IBM global retail lead to Participate in Special Twitter Chat. Richard Feinberg, Professor of Consumer Sciences and Retailing at Purdue University, and IBM Global Retail Leader Jill Puleri will lead a Twitter chat recapping retail shopping […]

Cyber Monday Is the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

Cyber Monday results are in and they’re not big. They’re huge. As in the kinds of numbers that make retailers sit up and take notes. For starters, consumers made Cyber Monday the biggest shopping day of the year—spending their way to an all-time high 30 percent over Cyber Monday 2011, according to IBM’s Digital Analytics […]

Cyber Monday Lessons from Madonna

In 1991, Madonna released Truth or Dare, a documentary that sent a frisson of excitement through the music and movie industries alike. It seemed like we’d never before seen a performer willing to reveal the most intimate moments of her life on tour. Of course today it seems almost sweetly innocent when compared to the […]

Cyber Monday Is More Important than Ever

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and most everyone is back in the office. But I wonder how many people, while plowing through their to-do lists and meetings, are actually keeping a weather eye on Cyber Monday sales and deals. The Cyber Monday—the first Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend—first emerged as a shopping phenomenon in 2005. […]

IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark – Cyber Monday

Updated at 9:35 PM ET: According to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, as of 6 p.m. EST, Cyber Monday online sales continue to rise. Online sales are currently up over 28 percent over 2011. CMOs and marketers continue to cater to the multi screen shopper, with the number of consumers using their mobile device to […]

Interview Series with Jay Henderson

Todd “Turbo” Watson (blogger and tech evangelist) talks with Jay Henderson, Enterprise Marketing Management – Global Strategy Program Director, during the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 in Orlando. Marketing is in a state of chaos. “When you look at the world of marketing, it feels a little bit like a big cloud over us. You […]