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IBM and Syncsort Partner to Drive Innovation for Strategic B2B Collaboration Solutions

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We are very excited to share the news that IBM has entered into a strategic partnership with Syncsort to expand and accelerate future development of our B2B Collaboration product family, which includes the product offerings of IBM B2B Integrator (B2Bi), IBM File Gateway, IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) and IBM Gentran.

Syncsort, a global provider of “big iron to big data” solutions – has a long and rich history of delivering products aimed at allowing clients to optimize their existing investments, elegantly leverage mission-critical data in modern workloads and make it accessible to next-generation analytics platforms for trusted business insights. Syncsort offers a wide array of software and cloud solutions which today serve more than 7,000 clients worldwide and are used by 84 of the Fortune 100 companies.

We chose Syncsort as our strategic partner because we see the bar they set for excellence in engineering, their experience in supporting mission-critical workloads of global companies, and their shared enthusiasm and vision for the value that IBM B2B Collaboration solutions bring to clients.

Both IBM and Syncsort will maintain business continuity, with no change to client relationships, support and sales processes. You will continue to engage with IBM just as you have before – and you will continue to have the ability to operate B2Bi, File Gateway, PEM and Gentran investments for your businesses via on-premises and hybrid cloud offerings.

We are honored to be receiving tremendously positive reception for our Q3 2018 IBM B2Bi and File Gateway 6.0 release, which took a significant step forward in allowing clients to shift their B2B environments to cloud infrastructures.  We continue to work on roadmap capabilities including, but not limited to, on-premise and cloud-hosted deployment options with containerization, embedded AI features to increase content/user effectiveness, persona-driven user experience enhancements, and modern lightweight web development and delivery approaches – along with other areas we identify in collaboration with you.

We’re proud that thousands of clients like you have embraced IBM B2B Collaboration solutions and continue to depend on its robust, secure and scalable B2B integration and file transfer capabilities for your trusted information integration, EDI and partner on-boarding requirements and we thank you for your business and loyalty.

We believe this partnership with Syncsort will enhance our ability to better serve you and provide a clear strategic vision and executable roadmap for the future of our industry-leading B2B Collaboration portfolio.

Please reach out to your IBM sales or client rep for additional information on this exciting partnership as well as information on our latest B2Bi and File Gateway 6.0 release. As our B2B Collaboration clients, we thank you for being part of our journey and look forward to bringing you exciting new innovations and opportunities that expand and enhance your operations.

Vice President Strategy and Offering Management, Supply Chain Solutions, IBM Watson Customer Engagement

John Moore

Director, WW Sales, Watson Supply Chain

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