How Mammoth Resorts Brings Personalized Offers to Vacationers

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In a letter to his sister Sarah, Sierra Club founder John Muir once wrote, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” The Scottish emigrant, naturalist and preservationist wrote about his adventures in nature, especially in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Today, visitors to the Sierras and Mammoth Resorts, the leading four-season mountain resort operator in the state, come for best-in-class outdoor recreation and authentic mountain lifestyle experiences.

Very few resorts in North America have the diversity and size of Mammoth Mountain. This year-round natural adventureland offers some of America’s most coveted skiing, snowboarding, biking, snowshoeing and fishing opportunities. And yet, as any marketer knows, competition for visitors can be fierce.

Year-round travel destinations like Mammoth Resorts must attract consumers who often visit multiple location websites to research potential getaways. But then they hold off making a firm decision until they’ve researched all their options. Beyond the natural beauty offered by crystal-clear lakes and colossal mountain peaks, Mammoth needed a way to proactively approach potential guests with deals and experiences that make the resort their destination of choice — not just this year but next year and beyond.

How do they get perspective customers back to their website to book a trip in advance of peak vacation periods? Mammoth Resorts is using Watson Customer Engagement solutions to create customized offers. The personalized marketing approach has been a huge success – email click-through rates have increased dramatically from 8 percent to 34 percent year-over-year. That’s a growth of 325 percent!

Mammoth can closely monitor customer activity on the site, including where visitors are spending most of their time, what they were looking at, whether they left their shopping cart empty and more. With these details, Mammoth is triggering responsive email campaigns that feature deals on the items customers were viewing, like a free night’s stay on their next visit. Their marketing team can then track which promotions are most successful in sparking return visits to the site.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains can get as much as 12 or more inches of snow in one night. Mammoth Resorts use the same email capabilities once customers are on site to provide regular weather and activity updates. This helps the resort’s winter guests plan their day’s adventure, whether trips to the slopes or other activities.

Mammoth Resorts can also build personalized campaigns for guests based on previous visits. For instance, they can recommend a return stay during the February winter break for summer guests that includes the same number of rooms and discounts on lift tickets. Or Mammoth can automatically deliver guest alerts around birthdays, booking anniversaries and more. Each communication can include special deals on both lodging and other items such as lift tickets as well as recommendations on, for example, off-season vacations options such as a summer mountain bike trip for the family.

So when the mountains are calling, Mammoth Resorts can offer endless opportunities for unforgettable moments and the next big adventure while, creating relevant experiences that have an instant impact on new and existing customers.

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