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At CEVA: Operational Excellence Is a Way of Life

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From providing high-tech tablets to a simple can of beans, supply chain management is a difficult business and one that gets more complicated each day. Logistics used to be about getting from point A to B. But these days, goods have to pass through a whole alphabet of places on route to their destination. They must be stored securely, monitored closely, and delivered with pinpoint timing to thousands of places.

For customers, the holiday season is a time to shop for tokens of appreciation for loved ones. But for logistics companies that work behind the scenes, these massive spikes in demand can quickly become a challenge. Particularly with shopping patterns intensely shifting around the holidays, the transportation of goods becomes a more complicated challenge amid volatile markets and elaborate supply chains. CEVA Logistics, a global leader in providing logistics services, decides to tackle the problem directly.

As one of the first logistics providers to launch a cross-border road freight service, CEVA’s ground network covers North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and China.

But it is not just their size–it is the scope of CEVA expertise that helps customers reduce costs and improve the agility of their supply chain operations. CEVA can provide customers with control and real-time visibility of the flow of goods and information with their global network that stretches across 15 control towers around the world. Their holistic approach also allows them to provide global end-to-end service at the lowest total cost while reducing the scope of working capital.

With the help of technology and engineering expertise, CEVA makes innovation everyone’s business. The supply chain provider expects all their employees to contribute to new solutions to develop the most efficient processes. CEVA Logistics enables elastic scalability and consistently high availability with a modern, high-performance, cloud-based platform.

In partnership with IBM, CEVA developed a cloud-based supply chain management solution that enables their customers to respond quickly to market changes.

Jeff Liddicoat, CEVA information systems and services senior delivery lead explains, “We calculated that the managed-services solution from IBM would help us avoid 50 percent in capital costs compared to building a new in-house EDI platform.”

Every day, customers and clients ask service providers to be more efficient. This is why CEVA builds continuous improvement into everything they do. By applying specific techniques to get your operation right from the very beginning, they create an ideal foundation for further enhancements. Simply put, CEVA creates value through supply chain management and logistics excellence. With decades of experience, constant innovation, local knowledge, and a global network, CEVA’s commitment to serve customers and optimize the supply chain ultimately helps establish loyalty and grow business. Get the full story!

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