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When IBM asked CIOs in the IBM Global C-Suite Study about what’s important to them now, the results were clear –  top CIOs are focusing on “creating intelligent, agile cultures; wising up to the needs of customers; and rewiring the way their organizations reason.” Fully 90% of leader CIOs said they are focused on agile innovation.

As one CIO put it, ““We’ve been charged with speeding up time-to-market, both for the products we sell and for our own internal tools. We need to operate more like a start-up.”

To meet that goal, they acknowledge that they need to integrate their own strong suite of in-house IT capabilities with new skills readily available on the market.1

Content Management is One Area of Focus

As the need to deliver relevant, effective and real-time experiences continues to grow, companies are working to create better digital/user experiences. In a recent survey, 85% of firms are investing in content management tools.2

84% of businesses report that finding the right assets is the biggest challenge they have when working with digital content. Businesses can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of images, documents and videos in their library. Content is typically housed in siloes around the organization and tracking down and accessing an asset can be a frustrating – and less than agile – process.

At IBM we have introduced a Cognitive Content Management system to help CIOs address some of the issues with content management.  The Watson Content Hub is a new Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution.  Working initially with IT, marketers and merchandisers will be able to manage a centralized repository of their content directly, and be able to make future updates without depending on IT. Cognitive tagging is used to make it easier to keep the content organized, and an all-new, intuitive, tablet-friendly user interface makes the service simple to use. The result — a more consistent brand experience delivered in an agile environment.

Because Watson Content Hub is cloud-based, finding and sharing assets is no longer a problem. Even global organizations can quickly pull content created worldwide. A corporate campaign created in one hemisphere — easily accessed by the whole organization. That costly video created last year – let’s see if we can reuse some of the opening footage.  Your content group and video group in separate locations? No problem – your content is in the cloud and all can have access. And those podcasts created for mobile? Easily use clips in your new online case studies.

One big benefit for IT organizations is that a “headless” version of content management, like Watson Content Hub, is well suited to reusing content across multiple channels. The swagger-documented REST APIs are easy for developers to work with and content is published to Akamai content distribution network so you always get the best performance, regardless of where your clients are. By separating the content from the presentation layer, Watson Content Hub lets your development teams focus on creating a great user experience, and your business people focus on creating just the right piece of content.

Cognitive Power

What makes it Watson a cognitive content system is its ability to understand, learn, and reason. Powered by IBM Watson artificial intelligence, Watson Content Hub can actually understand the content stored in it and will apply tags that describe the content, so the marketing and merchandiser will be able to manage their content more intelligently.  They can review the tags that Watson recommends and add or delete tags as necessary.

Torchbearer, or leader CiOs always have their sights set on the next big thing. The next big thing is “cognitive,” and it can be the key to meeting their objective of agile innovation today and tomorrow.


The Watson Content Hub is now live.

Click HERE for more information or to schedule a trial.

1Redefining Connections, Insights from the Global C-suite Study – The CIO Perspective, IBM Institute for Business Value, January 2016.
2Forrester Research, Inc., Digital Experience Changes Everything, October 2016.

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