Using cognitive intelligence to address digital transformation barriers

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As computing enters the “cognitive era”, driven by data transformation across industries and professions, real time information will be needed from solutions, operations workflows, supporting solution middleware and the infrastructure environment to enhance forecasting, decision-making and problem resolution.
How can we prepare ourselves for greater insights into operational systems to support the cognitive transformation?

• Tap into operations information being generated by systems and middleware
• Extend application performance management metrics using analytics
• Use data to acquire insights into normal behavior versus anomalies
• Leverage metrics and anomalous behavior to address problems before they occur
• Drive analytics across IT service management and middleware

Join me in my Insight 2015 session, “YID-3477: Using Analytics to Break Down the Barriers to Digital Transformation”, to see how we are infusing analytics across the IT operations spectrum to provide operations staff and solution owners with meaningful actionable insights into their middleware portfolio. We will discuss insights to predict early problem identification from machine-learned behavior, followed by the ability to search through a massive amount of system-generated data to localize issues. Then we will discuss taking advantage of analytical information to optimize your environment with enhanced procedures to reduce negative issues trends and provide timely alerts if they occur.
Learn how IBM operations analytics, combined with IBM Watson technology and IBM BigInsights, is providing the solution needed to drive the use of analytics across the IT service management and middleware spectrum. Also gain insight into the growing partner ecosystem with integrations for providing operations analytics views into data stores, storage, network delivery and underlying operating systems.
Also take advantage of our other Insight sessions covering IBM operations analytics, and visit our Operations Analytics and Performance Management ped and engagement sessions in the Expo center:

  • BOP-1626: Smarter IT Operations Using Big Data Analytics
  • YSV-1609: Learn How Clients are Using Big Data and Analytics Technologies for IT Operations
  • YIA-1763: Big Data and Analytics: Transforming Your Infrastructure to a Proactive IT Approach
  • YID-3247: Realizing Big Data Processes Automation Potential
  • APA-1711: Analytics Driven Operations Management
  • YID-2418: Seeing the Future First with Network Analytics in Today’s Virtualized and Cloud Data Centers
  • YSV-2717: IBM APM’s Predictive Analytics – Zap Your Application Outages Before They Actually Happen

Also view my blog series entitled “Best Operations Analytics for IBM Middleware – Try it to believe it!” for further insight into IBM operations analytics.

Get started now with IT Operational Analytics!

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