Business process management

Three ways to align IT with business priorities

How does your organization view IT? As a competitive business differentiator or merely a necessary cost? Why align business and IT Why worry about business and IT alignment? The short answer is: technology shifts influence every aspect of today’s businesses. According to the Global C-Suite Study, CEOs say technology is the chief external influence on […]

Business process goes cognitive at IBM World of Watson

At this year’s IBM World of Watson conference, the IBM Process Innovation team captured the excitement of businesses moving into the cognitive era. Through onsite presentations and conversations, attendees shared how cognitive capabilities are transforming business process. The following whiteboard session videos from WoW are a quick, fun and visual way to rediscover key cognitive […]

Finally, a process modeling tool designed with the business user in mind

About ten years ago, I was working on a team of business analysts tasked with the responsibility of modeling the entire business of a large government agency. After a year and a half of hard work capturing the business processes, we produced a big stack of process documentation for the project, which we then placed […]

Mobile capabilities with IBM Business Monitor

Where will you be when you need to know how your business process is performing? Let’s say you’ve just heard that the company CFO would like to have fresh numbers on sales and expenses for a session that is going to start in a few minutes with your regional executives. You notice your colleagues frantically […]

Automate business decisions with IBM Operational Decision Manager

In today’s technical world, operational business decisions either require repeated manual intervention by line-of-business subject-matter experts or coding in technical language by IT professionals within an application.IT code traditionally implementing business policies cannot be accessed or well understood, let alone modified by the business team that owns those policies. One way to improve this process […]

Business agility requires operational decision management

The world is changing and customer-centricity is the new process imperative for growth in the digital era. Disruptors are reinventing business processes and leading their industries with digital transformation and personalized front-line decision making using real-time insights. New mobile apps are streamlining decision making for those at the forefront of customer engagement. In order to […]

Cognitive business operations in action: Common scenarios

In my previous blog post, I talked about three characteristics that will reshape how people work going forward: the ability for our systems to learn, our ability to interact more directly with our systems—the next user interface (UI) probably won’t be a traditional UI—and the ability of our systems to see patterns and act in […]

Make every knowledge worker a rock star with cognitive

In the first part of this series, I described how the way people work has evolved over time and where we stand today. To understand why cognitive holds the key to the future of work, let’s look at three trends unfolding in the marketplace today. Trend 1: The rapid digitization of processes and business operations […]

Cognitive: The present and the future

In today’s digital era everything is cognitive, down to our personal cellular phones. Smartphones use voice recognition to give us answers to all of our questions in an instant. Take Siri for example. When you ask Siri a question, she goes and finds the answer for you, and in just seconds you have the information […]