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Integration by design: DS8880 and IBM Z

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Through close coordination between engineering and product development teams, IBM DS8880 storage systems and their precursors have maintained a close relationship with IBM mainframe processors. The recent launch of IBM z14 — the latest in a long line of IBM Z mainframe solutions — provides an excellent opportunity to highlight how this close relationship offers ...read more

Building trusted relationships one transaction at a time

Blockchain, IBM Systems Lab Services

People have exchanged goods and services for centuries.  Over time those transaction-based relationships have evolved and spawned a full supply chain discipline, often with multiple trading partners involved. The result: complexity. And complexity can introduce opportunities for discrepancies, disputes, fraud or corruption. These various issues become more prevalent as complexity increases, because not everyone within ...read more

Why blockchain is good for business


You’re probably hearing a good deal of hype these days around blockchain and how it is the technology behind the bitcoin cryptocurrency. But is blockchain technology something you should have on your radar? The answer is an emphatic “yes.” Not only is this technology advancing rapidly, but blockchain also offers a new way of implementing ...read more

Five must-haves for an enterprise-ready blockchain platform


No business operates alone. Regardless of your industry, your business is part of a large, diverse network of organizations and individuals, from parts suppliers and financial services firms to distribution partners and customers. Traditionally, all transactions and contracts among these network participants have been recorded in independent ledgers. But reconciling these various views can be ...read more

Reinventing IT infrastructure in the cognitive and cloud era

IBM invests heavily in innovation for IT infrastructure as part of its overall innovation agenda. Why? Because we know that traditional IT infrastructure and systems won’t be enough to drive businesses forward — our business or yours. As I discussed in a previous In the Making blog post, the role of IT leaders is changing. Roles ...read more

Unlocking the potential of blockchain


At any given time, thousands of my IBM colleagues are working on various open source projects to design, debug and donate code. And when we come across a really interesting challenge, we take it a step further by joining our peers in building and shaping new ecosystems. The latest example is our membership in the ...read more

Building a blockchain that would make Vince Lombardi proud

Blockchain, Linux systems, LinuxONE solutions

If you listen to great coaches, you’ll notice they stress the fundamentals as the key to success. Legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi believed this so deeply he once opened preseason camp with the line, “Gentlemen, this is a football.” The business world is no different. This week at Sibos, some of the brightest ...read more

Celebrating 25 years: The Linux Revolution Has Just Begun

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In a tech industry filled with bold predictions and hyped products, Linux is a rare case of something that has under-promised and over-delivered. From its humble beginnings described as a “hobby” by creator Linus Torvalds, Linux has led an open-source movement with far-reaching effects. A sizable group is gathering this week in Toronto for LinuxCon ...read more

IBM announces secure blockchain services for the cloud

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In a groundbreaking move, IBM has launched the first highly secure blockchain services for financial services, government and healthcare on IBM Cloud.  This is exciting news for IT organizations processing financial transactions and for developers.   Since blockchain is an emerging technology, until now there has been little clarity on the requirements to securely operate ...read more