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Partnerships between IT leaders provide very strong benefits to clients by streamlining solution design, simplifying deployment and reducing risk. These relationships also create business synergy in which the strength of the partnership is greater than the sum of the individual partners’ capabilities. These are some of the important reasons why IBM created the Ready for IBM Storage program.

“Business partnerships are crucial for IBM to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients,” notes Eric Herzog, VP, Product Marketing and Management – IBM Storage Systems and Software Defined Infrastructure. “These relationships also benefit our partners, while bringing many advantages to our clients.”

Most importantly, for current and prospective IBM clients, the Ready for IBM Storage program expands the scope of solutions by leveraging partnerships with leading technology vendors. The program features combined solutions of proven IBM Storage and partner offerings that have been co-designed to fit specialized client use cases.

“This simplifies everything,” states Bill Reed, Chief Technology Officer, Arizona State Land Department and a recent client of IBM and our partner, QCM Technologies, Inc. “We continue to work with the solution providers we know and trust, now with even greater confidence because we know they are validated by IBM.”

The Ready for IBM Storage program utilizes the IBM Solutions partner ecosystem to offer validated storage and software-defined solutions to users globally. For IBM’s Business Partners, it provides a framework for partnering with IBM to validate the interoperability of each partner’s solution components and IBM Storage. The partnerships are recognized by inclusion on IBM web platforms and by the provision of a “Ready for IBM Storage” mark that can be used on partner marketing materials. The objectives of the program include:

  • Identifying and bringing to market solutions that use third-party technology and create or reinforce key strategic partnerships.
  • Enabling Solution partners to self-validate software and hardware interoperability with IBM Storage products.
  • Creating a central repository of validated solutions and collateral available to clients, sellers and partners.
  • Addressing client use cases that cannot be met by IBM Storage alone.
  • Expanding the IBM Business Partner ecosystem.
  • Assisting IBMers with building an extensive partner ecosystem with comprehensive Solution partner programs.

“Ready for IBM Storage will ensure that our clients are getting solutions that are co-validated by IBM and our Solutions partners after having passed rigorous technical tests,” explains Jeff Eckard, VP Storage Solutions, IBM Systems. “This validation will give clients the assurance they require when making business-critical purchasing decisions.”

Both IBM partners and clients benefit from Ready for IBM Storage. The program helps our partners by:

  • Enhancing their market positioning through association with IBM Storage.
  • Increasing their brand awareness through inclusion in solution directories and joint marketing opportunities.
  • Accelerating sales activities by identifying a single program and point of contact to engage in partnering opportunities across IBM Storage brands.
  • Utilizing IBM Sales and Business Development resources.

The Ready for IBM Storage program reinforces IBM’s commitment to our Business Partners while delivering substantial value to our clients. This powerful new program can lead everyone to more successful solutions that address real business problems.

For more information, please visit us here.

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