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Please join us at Thoughts on Cloud, the new blog home for cloud integration

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Looking for new IBM Cloud content? We’re moving! Going forward, we will be publishing all new blog posts relating to Cloud Integration and Middleware topics on the Thoughts on Cloud blog.

We’re moving these topics to make it as easy as possible for readers to find news and stories about IBM Cloud that they care about. We will continue to spotlight the people, technologies and results that set IBM Cloud apart from our competitors.

Getting specific, here are the topics moving from In the Making over to Thoughts on Cloud:

  • Application deployment and platforms
  • Business process
  • DevOps
  • IT Service Management
  • Software integration for cloud, business and applications

Meanwhile, IBM Systems content will continue to be posted right here on In The Making. You’ll continue to see posts on server and storage solutions, the best in hybrid cloud platforms, IT infrastructure for the cognitive era and more.

Please update your bookmark to Thoughts on Cloud, and subscribe to our RSS feed. Questions, feedback? Tweet to us @IBMCloud or @IBMSystems.

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