Employee Engagement

How to Show your Employees the Love? Listen.

Even our data-loving IBM Smarter Workforce Institute researchers can be persuaded to turn to matters of the heart at this time of year. In this Valentine’s blog, we talk relationships … When it comes to successful personal relationships, listening to others is key. The same is true at work; good things happen when employees are [...]

Employee Engagement

Improve Quality of Care Through a Positive Employee Experience

The performance of healthcare professionals such as physicians and nurses directly affects the physical and mental well-being of patients. But what impact could a more positive – even more human – experience at work have on the performance of healthcare professionals? Our research found that a positive employee experience is clearly linked to better performance [...]

Talent Analytics

Explore the Transformation of HR at IBM Connect

As IBM Connect itself transforms, taking place for the first time in San Francisco, what better year to explore the transformation of HR? The landscape is shifting under our feet, powered by new global dynamics as well as new technologies – not least of which is cognitive computing. There is virtually no part of HR [...]

The HR Journey to Cognitive (Part 1 of 3)

The talent landscape is being redefined with various factors impacting the way the HR function operates. Across industries, I am seeing an onslaught of new technology and data, a shift in workforce demographics and expectations, and continuous cost pressures. The time has come for HR professionals to be open to technology-driven possibilities that will allow [...]

Four Key Lessons for Improving Employee Engagement

For over 20 years IBM Kenexa has worked with organizational clients to gather feedback from employees and provide them with the information they need to help drive change in their organizations. Our surveys have been conducted worldwide across a number of industries and sectors. For example, in the last 3 years we have surveyed over [...]

Work Could Give You a New Year Energy Boost!

Have you found yourself back at work after the break a little more weary than usual? The dark days and busy holidays can take their toll, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Our work experience could actually increase our energy and generate excitement. Sound appealing? Read on. Research from the IBM Smarter Workforce [...]

Cognitive Technology is For Everyone (Not Just Millennials).

New cognitive HR solutions are grabbing the attention of organizations looking to drive better results and gain competitive advantage from this powerful technology. In order to fully realize these benefits, the workforce needs to adopt it. So, are employees willing to embrace cognitive?  The IBM Smarter Workforce Institute conducted some research to find out … [...]

Confused? You Won’t Be After this ‘Episode’ of … Decoding Workforce Analytics

Over the last few years at IBM my eyes have been opened to the powerful research methods and designs being used in workforce analytics. I’ve met economists using instrumental variable regression approaches, computer scientists working with neural nets, and sociologists deep into social network analysis. It can be hard to keep up with all of [...]

How Cognitive Systems Will Change Recruiting in 2017

The goal for any talent acquisition team is to recruit the right candidate at the right time. Yet, recruiters admit they would not rehire 39% of their recent hires. In this new age of data and analytics, that level of regrettable hiring should be a thing of the past. Not surprisingly, just 7 percent of [...]