Cognitive HR

Cognitive Technology is For Everyone (Not Just Millennials).

New cognitive HR solutions are grabbing the attention of organizations looking to drive better results and gain competitive advantage from this powerful technology. In order to fully realize these benefits, the workforce needs to adopt it. So, are employees willing to embrace cognitive?  The IBM Smarter Workforce Institute conducted some research to find out … [...]

Workforce Analytics

Confused? You Won’t Be After this ‘Episode’ of … Decoding Workforce Analytics

Over the last few years at IBM my eyes have been opened to the powerful research methods and designs being used in workforce analytics. I’ve met economists using instrumental variable regression approaches, computer scientists working with neural nets, and sociologists deep into social network analysis. It can be hard to keep up with all of [...]

Talent Acquisition

How Cognitive Systems Will Change Recruiting in 2017

The goal for any talent acquisition team is to recruit the right candidate at the right time. Yet, recruiters admit they would not rehire 39% of their recent hires. In this new age of data and analytics, that level of regrettable hiring should be a thing of the past. Not surprisingly, just 7 percent of [...]

IBM Kenexa Wins Aragon Research 2016 Innovator Award in Cognitive Talent Management!

On Thursday, December 2, I was honored to accept the Aragon Research 2016 Innovator Award for Cognitive Talent Management on behalf of IBM’s Watson Talent team. This award recognizes those “who are leading the charge for change in their markets – or even creating entirely new categories – by leveraging or combining technology that others [...]

Will You Find Coal in Your Stocking or the New Hire of your Dreams?

Tis the Season! Santa’s making a list and checking it twice – rather than finding out who’s naughty or nice, he’s checking to see which recruiters are adapting to meet today’s candidate, and which HR professionals are spinning their wheels with old and tired strategies that no longer work. In the spirit of the season, [...]

How To Be Santa For Your Employees In Three Easy Steps

Dear Santa I’ve been a really good employee this year. I met all my deadlines, helped my customers and even made a big effort with that person that I don’t get on with.  So, this year, please could I …   It’s the time of year when little ones are busy writing their lists to [...]

Thanks Giving and Thanks Receiving at Work – The Employee Experience Differentiator

Thanksgiving is a holiday, so what does it have to do with work?  Well, giving thanks to our employees, peers and even our bosses can be a big contributor to a positive working environment. Can you remember being thanked by your manager for a great job? Ever receive some flowers from a grateful client for [...]

Don’t Be Sketchy – How to (Not) Reach People

Poor Sketchy. He never seems to do anything right, especially when it comes to understanding and talking to the people he’s trying to reach. Don’t feel too sorry for him, though – all the help is there for him to treat people like individuals, just as recruiters need to do with candidates. What could Sketchy [...]

Congratulations to the 2016 CandE Award Winners

Talent Board recently announced the 2016 winners of the North American Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards, to be feted at an awards gala on November 15 in Austin, TX. As a member of Talent Board, IBM would like to congratulate all 50 winners and applaud them on their efforts to always put the candidate first and [...]