Assessment and Leadership

We’re Headed to SIOP 2017! Join Us to See How Mobile Assessment Makes Small Screens Become Mainstream.

Later this week I’ll be heading to Orlando for SIOP’s annual conference, and while having Disney World outside of my hotel sounds enticing, I’ll be (surprisingly) thrilled to pack in some crowded conference room time to learn about the latest research and practice in our field. Before we knew “data scientists” presenting “people analytics” could […]

Talent Acquisition

Join us at HR Summit Toronto on May 10th to Power Up HR!

There are four words that can change everything in your organization: Empower Greatness. Amplify Potential. These simple phrases represent far more than a minor shift in policies or a new way to do old things. It’s a mandate from the masses that the entire dynamic of the workplace has already changed.  It goes beyond free […]

Employee Engagement

IBM Kenexa I-Os and AI Set Up Shop at SIOP 2017.

IBM I-O psychologists are taking a break from training Watson to attend SIOP 2017 later this month (25-29 April 2017, Orlando, Florida).  With a preconference workshop, posters, symposia and panel discussions on the agenda for IBMers, there is plenty of opportunity to talk about important I-O topics, including: Mobile assessments Cross-cultural measures of personality Job […]

Candidate Experience Goes Beyond the Right Hire

Candidate experience is not only about the right search, assessment and interview to secure your perfect hire. New IBM Smarter Workforce Institute research among 7,000 recent job applicants around the world reveals that hiring experiences have a more far-reaching impact than you might imagine. Download the white paper: The far-reaching impact of candidate experience Here […]

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Embracing Fear and Opportunity: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Resources

Fear and opportunity are typically on the same spectrum, with calculated risk somewhere in between. In the latest episode of  Trends in Talent Management Podcast series, we met with Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst of Lighthouse Research and co-founder of HRevolution Movement, to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on human resources (HR). Artificial or augmented […]

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The White Glove Treatment: Treating Candidates and Employees as Consumers

What’s your definition of employee experience?  Here’s mine: A place to pick up new skills, tackle engaging projects, and be surrounded by whip-smart peers who support and challenge me. So in the instances that the magic didn’t happen, the flame died, or the match never even got the chance to light, where did it go […]

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Feedback Helps Loomis School District Improve the Learning Experience

School districts exist to serve their communities. When they do it well, everybody—not just kids, teachers and parents, but every member of the community—benefits from students who are better prepared for the real world and better able to make positive contributions to it. To figure out how well they’re accomplishing this task, however, districts need […]

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Explore the Potential of Cognitive HR for Employee Engagement at HRTechWorld Congress

“Unleash your people,” says the tagline for the HRTechWorld Congress, taking place in London on March 21-22. A great way of describing what cognitive HR has the potential to do: help discover employees’ true aspirations, skills and abilities and match them with opportunities within a company, resulting in higher employee engagement, which then delivers better […]

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Guest Jennifer McClure Kicks off New Talent Management Podcast Series

In the inaugural episode of the Trends in Talent Management Podcast, Jennifer McClure, President of Unbridled Talent and CEO of DisruptHR, looked into the future of HR—and that future looks cognitive. Machine learning, AI and cognitive have already had a big impact on industries as diverse as healthcare, automotive, retail, communications, banking and government. One […]

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Drawing Out Cognitive HR: Spotlight on IBM InterConnect Artist Tanya Gadsby

How do you wrangle the complicated ideas of corporate heads into a simple, impactful narrative? Just ask Tanya Gadsby, owner of Drawing Out Ideas, which specializes in live graphic recording and facilitation, animations and infographics. Gadsby will be on hand at IBM InterConnect 2017 from March 20-23 to create full-scale illustrations at the IBM Talent […]

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Explore the Future of Talent Management at IBM InterConnect 2017

This year IBM InterConnect asks the question, “How can you use the world’s biggest breakthroughs to unleash ingenuity?” Most people might not associate “ingenuity” with HR, but at no time in history has it been more important for new thinking in the way we approach talent management. Fortunately there are several breakout sessions at this […]

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Employee Engagement – Key Insights From a New Report

Recently, I was delighted to be asked to write the foreword for the latest engagement report form the Corporate Research Forum (CRF).  Knowing how critical employee engagement is to so many of our clients, I was keen to see if this new report could stimulate new debate and discussions. In the last year, our research […]

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