IoT weekly round-up: Thursday 23rd November 2017

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This week, Ajit Pai announces a plan to overturn existing net neutrality regulations, a new augmented reality app lets you interact with elephants and other endangered species through augmented reality, and a new report projects super soaring revenue for the Internet of Industrial Things.

Internet of Elephants game teaches about endangered species with AR

Anyone who’s a fan of Pokémon Go will be familiar with the idea of placing virtual creatures in the physical world. Now, a Nairobi-based startup called ‘Internet of Elephants’ is doing a similar thing with elephants and other endangered animals. The company’s gaming app (also called ‘Internet of Elephants’) allows users to virtually follow endangered animals in their real-world environments to learn more about them. Players can select an animal and follow them around in the physical world to observe their behavior.

IIoT revenue will beat the $1 trillion mark by 2027, says report

A new report from Navigant Reports projects that revenue for the Industrial Internet of Things will exceed $1 trillion by 2027. Despite identifying some initial barriers to entry for administrators – namely, unfamiliarity with hardware, software and service options – the report recognized the IoT’s clear value in lowering costs and improving equipment maintenance.

Is this the end of net neutrality? The FCC will decide on 14th December

Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai has announced a widely contested plan to scrap net neutrality. For those unfamiliar with the concept, net neutrality is the idea that all data should be treated equally by internet service providers (ISPs.) That means they don’t get to choose what is sent more quickly (and consequently costs more to access) and what is blocked or slowed down. In February 2015, the FCC voted for stricter regulation of internet service providers (ISPs) in order to protect neutrality – requiring ISPs to offer open access for all digital content to their networks. Now, Pai wants to overturn this order, arguing that the regulations “depressed investment in building and expanding broadband networks and deterred innovation.” The FCC will hold the final vote on 14th December.

Lightform transforms projectors into AR machines

Lightform has raised $5 million to fund its augmented reality projectors. The little device plugs straight in to the back of most projectors, then scans the space around it and brings augmented reality to any surface in its field of range. You can also add AR and media effects to the way the projector interacts with what it’s projecting on. The total funding to date is $7.8 million – enough to fund the manufacture of some 2,000 units.

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