TU Automotive announce Olli as ‘Best Auto Mobility’ winner

By | 2 minute read | June 7, 2017


If you’re in the auto business, you’ll likely have heard of TU-Automotive. They work at the intersection of consumer electronics, mobile and IoT with a focus on connectivity, mobility and autonomous vehicles.  And as more and more of our transport moves in this direction, it’s a key area. On June 6 in Novi, Michigan, the organisation held their TU-Automotive Awards 2017.

TU Awards Winner Banner

The panel were challenged by over 400 entries this year and used the following categories to choose their winners:

  1. Innovation
  2. Industry Engagement
  3. User Experience
  4. Market Update

TU-Automotive announce Olli a winner

The Local Motors and IBM team were delighted to be named winners in the ‘Best Auto Mobility Product / Service’ category for Olli + #AccessibleOlli. Joe Speed from IBM was equally delighted, as TU named him as a finalist in “Influencer of the Year” for his work on Olli’s cognitive rider experience and #AccessibleOlli.

TU Automotive award winners Olli Local Motors and IBM Watson IoT

TU Automotive award winners: Olli’s Local Motors and IBM Watson IoT

If you’ve been following the Watson IoT blog, you’ll be familiar with Olli, the first self-driving cognitive vehicle, built by Local Motors with IBM’s Watson providing Olli’s unique, cognitive rider interface.  If Olli’s new to you, this ‘Meet Olli’ article, will give you all the details. You’ll find out about Olli’s creation through a call to 60,000 developers in a 2015 challenge in Berlin through to the 3D printed, zero emissions, electric-powered minibus that’s now being crowd-sourced to be even more accessible.

olli autonomous cognitive vehicle

The award-winning Olli cognitive self-driving vehicle

The TU-Automotive judges noted that:

“Olli was selected because it is providing an important reminder we need to stop thinking of cars in the same way. The judges also highlighted their strong industry partners & progressive technology.”

Jay Rogers, CEO, Local Motors was delighted to say:

“The future of mobility is rapidly upgradable products and services where the line between hardware and software is blurred. Often this new blur is hard for users to interpret. For Accessible Mobility this challenge is especially real. IBM Watson, Local Motors and others are working hard to bring this blurry line into sharp focus. This award is one major proof point which recognizes this positive focus.”

Thinking about cars in new ways

Thinking about cars in new ways is just one facet that both Local Motors and IBM have in common. As our world becomes more interconnected, the way we live and the way we move will become increasingly interwoven. The IoT opens up possibilities that we didn’t have before. It opens up transport to many people who previously would not have had access – a significant benefit to a vast number of people.

IoT extends mobility wider

With the judging criteria of Innovation, Industry Engagement, User Experience and Market Update – it’s great to see thatOlli + #AccessibleOlli has been awarded this accolade. You can find out more about the awards and winners at TU Automotive and follow the conversation on Twitter at #TUAwards and #TUDetroit. If you’d like to learn more about #AccessibleOlli you can find details at #AccessibleOlli and IBM’s IoT for Automotive site has details about Olli and many other exciting projects.  You can also join us and contribute to #AccessibleOlli autonomous for all of us. Help us create inclusive mobility for all including ageing & disabled.