How to equip your TRIRIGA chariot with fierce stallions

By | 4 minute read | November 30, 2017

There’s an old metaphor originating from Plato that compares the soul to that of a chariot with a pair of winged horses. Chariots of the gods were equipped with two good horses, while us mere mortals were given one good horse and one bad, unruly horse, depicting the conflicts of the soul. Due to this imbalance, we would always face hardships. But those of us who could put that unruliness to use could potentially rise high enough to hang with the gods.

What does this have to do with TRIRIGA and hanging out at TRIMax this week? Not a whole lot, I just like to throw out fascinating metaphors. However, if you’re looking to power up your facilities ‘chariot’ with the fiercest of good stallions, and corral the unruliness of unused data,  you may want to read on.

The five fierce stallions of 2017

When it comes to fierce stallions, why have two when you can have 5? And when you’re talking about investments around TRIRIGA, the more the merrier.  Here are the top 5 stallions driving the chariot of your facilities management efforts this year:

1) New Lease Accounting standards drive compliance domination

With the new FASB and IASB standards published in 2016 and taking effect as early as January 2019, organizations with both real estate and equipment leases face new challenges. These include the need for stricter data management, updated reporting systems, improved technical compliance, and potential organizational changes.

To address these early on, it is important for organizations to implement a solution with features supporting worldwide compliance, handling of the complete lease portfolio from new adoption through impairment and termination, and financial reporting using quantitative and qualitative data from leases. TRIRIGA does all this and more with the latest release. Most notably, the new journal entry configuration framework and predefined journal entry templates accelerate an organization’s effort to implement TRIRIGA.

2) Analytics help you understand the performance of your chariot

Existing reporting and analytics capabilities often require involvement of IT resources when new requirements surface. TRIRIGA users need self-service options that allow for quick, accurate ad-hoc analysis.

Watson Analytics helps just about anyone – mortals and gods alike – quickly discover patterns and meanings in their data – all on their own. Guided data exploration, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities such as natural language dialogue allow users to interact with data conversationally, and with reason and purpose, to get answers in ways they can easily understand.

3) Cloud(s) – not just for mythical gods

If you are already a user of TRIRIGA (or if you are considering which delivery model makes sense for your business), have you considered a move to the cloud? According to Zeus, it’s light and airy there, and the temperature is moderate. In addition to that, it provides the flexibility of a monthly subscription with the ability to easily upgrade to the newest platforms and applications as they become available.

4) Mobility enables the business to soar from anywhere

We know that mobility is key to how employees engage with each other and their surroundings in the workplace. Enabling mobile access increases engagement of employees seeking facilities services. It also improves TRIRIGA user involvement, productivity,  and data quality. New mobile apps include a unified workplace services portal, a service request app to submit work requests, a reservation app to request meeting spaces, and a “move me” app.

Example of mobile app for booking rooms.

5) User Experience drives herculean engagement

Whether your employees are driving their cars to work or riding their own stallions in, it’s important that their experience in the workplace is productive and engaging. With new perceptive apps in the latest release of TRIRIGA, the realm of possibilities is herculean.  These new apps are built on top of a new UI.  Built with a user-centric design they also have the ability to automatically adapt to run on a number of different types of devices, from mobile phones to desktop screens.

Where will our chariot go in 2018?

There are some exciting adventures ahead in the coming months. The latest outlook for the remainder of the year and into 2018 includes ongoing focus on these five areas. In addition, development will continue around cloud offerings working closely together with Wipro, TRIRIGA‘s new development partner.

There will also be increased focus around capital planning and projects.  This creates both new functionality and leverages existing core capabilities of the current solution. We believe that an offering in this area differentiates TRIRIGA from the competition. At the same time it offers significant value to customers – current and future.

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