The pragmatic return to the workplace: focusing on your people

Discover how IBM is reimaging the workplace experience to deliver the safest, most productive environment

By | 1 minute read | July 1, 2020

2020 was poised to be a banner year for “workplace experience.” IBM, with 78M square feet of space spread across 110 countries, was hard at work creating that engaging environment.

The IBM Global Real Estate (GRE) team previously shared their experiences with us. And as Marianne Flores, IBM’s Director of Global Real Estate Operations, noted, it’s no longer about brick and mortar, or mops and buckets. It’s about winning the hearts and minds of employees and clients who come into an IBM-operated building.

Then, almost overnight, the world changed. Suddenly, an unprecedented 95% of the IBMers found themselves working at home.

Now, the IBM GRE team, like so many other real estate and facilities management groups, is focused on  how to provide employees with the safest, most productive working environment as they consider bringing employees back to the workplace. As Marianne said during the TRIRIGA Academy, “It will still be about hearts and minds, but in a very different way.”

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