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Why the best-run companies use Maximo and ERP

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Asset-intensive organizations use a multitude of physical equipment, machines, linear assets, vehicles, tools, and more. For organizations using SAP for ERP, there are different SAP applications for enterprise asset management, such as SAP PM.

However, using an ERP application to manage assets may leave your organization lacking in the areas critical to enterprise asset management: scheduling, workflows, standardization, benchmarks and key performance indicators, best practices, analytics and predictive maintenance. To ensure your organization is able to maximize the useful life of your assets, minimize risk, and pave the way for predicative analytics, there are better options.

The advantages of using IBM Maximo in an ERP environment

Maximo Asset Management has been the market-leading EAM solution for the past 15 years. Maximo software offers straightforward integration with SAP, and many SAP customers already use the Maximo solution for EAM. Doing so gives them the best of both worlds: the business benefits of Maximo’s advanced asset management capabilities, and the ability to preserve existing investments in SAP systems.

IBM® Maximo® EAM solutions can deliver a significant return on investment relatively quickly. Surveys have shown the following benefits:

  • 10 – 20 percent reduction in labor costs
  • 10 – 15 percent reduction in inventory costs
  • Up to 25 reduction in time lost to equipment failure

More than just maintaining plants and equipment, EAM collects data and generates reports to support better enterprise-wide decision making. For SAP PM users, Maximo Asset Management offers distinct advantages:

  • Maximo is extremely rich in features and functionalities, and is highly configurable.
  • The Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) provides an application-based method to define integration with any external system.
  • ERP adapters and a comprehensive ecosystem of partners spanning technology and service providers allow for unmatched capabilities.

Discover what’s in the new ebook

The first part of the new ebook explores how IBM Maximo Asset Management complements existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM). In this section, we explore how ERP users can benefit from using the Maximo EAM solution, and describes the many options and industry add-ons that make it useful in niche industry spaces and operational best practices.

The second part of the ebook includes five customer examples that demonstrate how real-world organizations are using EAM and ERP together – to ensure safe and reliable operations, reduce complexity, save money, and offer more reliable services to their end customers.

graphic explaining the benefits for using Maximo with ERP in the mining industry







Download a copy of the new ebook.

Learn more

Continue to explore the real value of EAM. Reduce costs, increase return on assets, enhance overall operational efficiency. Learn how combining the world-class power of IBM Maximo with IoT data and cognitive analytics can drive continuous improvements and ROI.

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