Consumers, cars and the Internet of Things

By | 1 minute read | December 8, 2016

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In the future, the digital experience people have in cars will become more important than the physical features of those cars. Connectivity will be more important than horsepower, mobility services more important than styling and personalization more important than road handling. And the ‘inconvenience’ of moving from one point to another because of time lost while driving will be replaced by the ‘convenience’ of moving from one point to another because of time gained to do other things while the car is driving itself.

Users and cars

However, each person’s digital experience expectations will be different depending on their comfort level of digital technology and the ease of use of these technologies in the car.  In our recent study: A New Relationship – People and Cars, we identified four types of users from the 16,000 consumers we surveyed, based on their digital mobility interest.  At the top of the list were Pacesetters (16%) who will be early adopters of new technology and Fast Followers (32%) who will be close behind.

digitally mobile infographic on users and cars

fig 1 – digital mobility interest

The largest group though was The Pack (38%).  This group might have lower expectations of their digital experience due to their comfort level with new technologies.  Finally, the Spectators (14%) are happy with what they have.

Man and machine

In our Automotive 2025: Industry Without Borders study, 74% of industry executives we surveyed said future cars will have self-learning capabilities in the next 10 years.  Using cognitive technologies, cars will be able to learn about their users – their driving habits and their use or non-use of the digital capabilities.  Based on this learning, the car will be able to engage, assist and train its occupants in the use of new digital features and functions.  Even those in the Pack and Spectator group will gain confidence as the car gradually introduces them to new capabilities that will enrich their digital experience.  This personalized cognitive ability of the car will help all occupants have the best digital experience while in the car.

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