The forecast for scheduling is about to get brighter

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IBM has launched Maximo Scheduler Plus, an advanced work management solution that gives businesses the tools they need to manage both their field workforce and complex projects like shutdowns, outages and turnarounds. Scheduler Plus can help you optimize work schedules using real-time weather forecast data, letting you schedule maintenance and service workers more efficiently. Schedulers and planners also get the right tools for managing complex projects, including a graphical view of network dependencies.

The need to forecast better

David Peplinski, Service Manager for City of Cambridge, Canada says that Scheduler Plus “contains important new features for municipalities and utilities.” The City of Cambridge is “often forced to delay or reschedule work because of forecasted snow, ice or high winds. Having weather data integrated with Watson IoT streamlines this process for us,” Peplinski says, “while also letting us better manage appointments with residents and technician schedules for greater flexibility and efficiency.”

Watch a replay of the informational webinar if you’re looking for a deep-dive into how this new offering will help your business. In the meantime, here are a few key benefits of scheduler plus.

Minimize the impact of weather-related interruptions

Severe weather often shuts down projects and leads to canceled customer commitments. With weather integration into Maximo Scheduler Plus, planners and supervisors have an additional tool to use while building work order schedules that are accurate and safe. Customer service reps provide a better customer experience by advising and informing the customer of weather conditions on the day of an appointment.

Integrated appointment booking

Maximo clients have requested the ability to have their customer service representative (CSR) book appointments with customers within a window of time – and that is what we’ve delivered with the appointment booking feature in Scheduler Plus. A CSR receiving a customer call can view a technician’s availability, book an appointment, and create a work order that the supervisor or the dispatcher can assign resources to while minimizing travel time. This helps ensure that the right technician, with the right skills for the job arrives on-time.

Complex projects just got easier to manage

Large projects often contain complex networks of dependencies. Work on one task may not be able to begin until another task under a different work order is completed. With Scheduler Plus, these predecessor/successor dependencies can be viewed and managed graphically.

weather forecast data on maximo scheduler screenIntegrated Weather Company forecast data helps planning

Learn more

You can watch a replay of the webinar to dive deeper into the features and benefits of Maximo Scheduler Plus.

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