The Airline Industry’s Connected Commerce Future

connected commerceDisruptions now loom over the airline industry and are threatening everything from profit margins to long-term relationships. According to the Skift-Datalex report titled The Airlines Industry’s Connected Commerce Future – Disrupt or be Disrupted, airlines will have to re-imagine their relationship with customers and how they sell their products using technology in order to better serve customers.

Digital Challenges Facing Airlines

For example, airlines have to adapt to factors such as increasingly mobile and connected consumers. Second, consumers also expect their experiences to be “omni-channel”. Omni-channel refers to interactions that occur between customers and airlines on whichever sales channel they choose. “The number of digital touchpoints is increasing by 20% annually as more offline customers shift to digital tools and younger more digitally-oriented consumers enter the ranks of buyers,” according to Brian E. O’Rourke, global industry leader for aviation within IBM’s travel and transportation industry practice. “You can think about it as a more integrated view across the enterprise as the need grows to engage the customer 24/7.” And lastly, there is also a need for personalized, seamless, experience.

You can read more interesting insights in the report.

The report examines:

• The digital challenges facing the airlines.
• Technical issues and competitors that threaten the airlines’ “connected commerce” future.
• Designing the airline retailer of the future.

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