Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing Is Here In The Travel Industry!!


Beyond Bots and Robots Infographic, Source: IBM Institute for Business Value


Are you positioned to lead the cognitive travel revolution?

Travel executives who believe their companies can get more from cognitive computing would do well to work with their teams to ask and answer the following probing questions:
  • Does your enterprise have a comprehensive cognitive program in place today?
  • Will your cognitive investment go beyond the chat-bots and robots that are increasingly common in the travel industry?
  • Are your cognitive investments more likely to bring about a transformation in travel personalization or in operations?
  • How well is your company guiding the projects that comprise its cognitive transformation program?
  • What actions can you take today to increase the odds that cognitive computing will create a lasting competitive advantage for your company in the future?

52% of Travel companies have already started or completed at least one cognitive computing project…. does that surprise you??

Many travel companies are already actively testing cognitive computing for operational improvements or to drive personalization in its customer experience.

Download our latest research paper “Beyond Bots and Robots”, which explores the unrealized potential of cognitive computing in the Travel industry.


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