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IBM partners with MetLife and Majesco on data driven insurance platform

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The IBM Insurance Platform, a collaboration between IBM, MetLife and Majesco, is a breakthrough in the insurance industry that can pave the way for product innovation, and new levels of personalized customer service while achieving lowering operating costs to the insurer. The combination of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and cloud technology enables insurers to get deeper insights out of their data.

Built on the IBM Cloud and using blockchain, IoT, analytics and IBM Watson, it provides both enhanced service to their existing customers, as well as gives new insight and data to find new ones. This new intelligent Platform was designed by insurance industry experts in cooperation with MetLife and Majesco. It was designed with the strict security, regulatory and compliance requirements necessary but conversely provides the enhanced flexibility for a number of applications across the industry.

With proven experience, IBM has previously implemented the Watson-powered suite of real time analytics and related data in a variety of industries that are allowing businesses to make better informed decisions, lower their operating costs, and provide a level of extreme personal customer service that stand out from the competition.

IBM continues being a leader in innovation across industries and the new IBM Insurance Platform and partnership with MetLife and Majesco is just the latest example.

Learn more about how insurers are using data and IBM technology in the full article from Digital Insurance.

To see what the IBM Insurance Platform can do for you, the insurer, request a consultation with an IBM Insurance expert. Also, see what other applications IBM Insurance is currently being used to revolutionize the industry here.

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