How early insurance blockchain adopters are driving practical value

As we roll into 2019, with renewed optimism and expectations, I like to reflect and look back at the year that was for blockchain in the insurance industry. Most reported efforts in the last two years were driven by industry innovators looking to learn about how to work with the technology. I worked with a […]

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Hot insurance sessions at IBM Think 2019

With such a great lineup of education and activities for insurance leaders at IBM Think from February 12-15  in San Francisco this year, planning your agenda will be tough. While there is a great array of insurance-specific sessions from which to choose, the sessions below are highly recommended. These sessions include insurance leaders in auto, […]

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IBM Solutions and Services for Insurance

Discover IBM insurance solutions that can help you make smart investments focusing on informed interactions, streamlined operations and enterprise resilience.

Engage policyholders with insight

Faced with a new generation of policyholders who expect seamless and individualized experiences, insurers need new strategies for improving retention and driving growth.

Event: Reinventing Financial Services

Building trust in insurance through blockchain

  To a capacity Las Vegas meeting room that saw attendees sitting on the floor and lining the walls due to every seat being filled, it’s clear that interest in blockchain in the insurance industry has reached a fever pitch. At InsureTech Connect, a panel of insurance visionaries assembled to share their first-hand experience of […]

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InsureTech Connect: A front row seat to the thriving insurance technology industry

As the seasons transform from summer to autumn in the US, that means getting back to conference and event season. An event that is quickly becoming a fall tradition for IBM is participating in the annual InsureTech Connect conference. No longer just a subset of the fintech industry, the insuretech market has grown exponentially, and IBM Insurance has had a front […]

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AAIS and IBM begin new chapter of blockchain in insurance

Timing may not be everything, but in life and business it is a critical element for success. When it comes to blockchain in insurance, we may have just witnessed the perfect confluence of timing with people, process and technology. The American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) is one of just two US insurance ratings and […]

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Transforming an industry, one automated action at a time

Though the concept of insurance has existed for centuries, the changes the industry has gone through in just the last decade may have been some of the most consequential since the introduction of the internet. Today, one of the biggest driving forces in insurance is the implementation of automation and how it’s changing a number […]

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Blockchain use cases continue to emerge

There’s been so much talk about blockchain technology lately that one could wonder when the commercials might start running on Home Shopping Network. But other than some high level talk of a shared ledger and confusion with Bitcoin: most people still wonder what “it” is, and how it might actually make a difference. Blockchain simplified […]

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New leadership for insurance reinvention

“Your architecture is how you build trust with your customers.”  This quote from Bridget van Kralingen, IBM Senior Vice President of Industry Platforms, from the Reinventing Financial Services event, captures what the day was about. On May 22, about 100 C-level executives from leading financial services institutions joined IBM for an all-day event on defining […]

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Blockchain for insurance delivers trust: A use case with Marsh, ACORD and ISN

Business agreements among multiple parties involve a lot of moving parts – a recipe for friction. With blockchain, aka distributed ledger technology, insurers and insureds can permission, validate and trust each other, sans the friction. In this case study Marsh, ACORD and ISN created one of the first instances of a commercial digital proof of […]

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5 Things an insurer shouldn’t miss at IBM Think 2018

The outlook for the insurance industry in 2018 is what many of us know already. The disruptive influence of FinTech has expanded beyond the world of finance and has entered the insurance landscape. The marriage of insurance, technology and data & analytics, or InsurTech, has created a boon for technology companies’ insurance products and services. […]

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Parametric insurance: Breaking the mold of traditional insurance

Because extreme weather events are now seemingly more common than ever before, insurance claims are seeing record increases, and the demand for disaster insurance is reaching unprecedented levels. Insurance companies are being challenged to offer new ways to respond to these disasters, both to expedite relief for their clients and to develop cost-friendly and profitable products, all […]

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5 Ways blockchain is changing the complex world of reinsurance

Calamity strikes. You’re okay, your family is okay, your property isn’t, so you call your insurance company, and then, you wait. We’ve heard stories of people frustrated by slow claims processing and payment in the aftermath of disaster. The delay isn’t often due to the enormity of damage—the delay is mainly due to the complexity […]

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