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Serve your customers by serving your employees

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These days, customers expect an engaging, personal experience across all of their interactions with you. And if you don’t measure up, it’s simple for them to take their business to a competitor.

This environment puts incredible pressure on companies to improve how customers engage with their brands, but it can sometimes leave employees in the lurch. They struggle to do their jobs with outdated tools, generic interactions, and disconnected platforms, while at the same time, they’re expected to contribute to an amazing experience for customers, especially when they interact face-to-face.
Not everyone realizes how big of an impact the experience you provide for your employees has on your business, but neglecting one has a significant negative impact on the other.

For example, what could be more critical than the first impression at a high-stakes sales meeting? Customers’ high expectations start from the very beginning, and the standard static deck and canned demo doesn’t cut it anymore. Sales teams have to go the extra mile to make meetings something to remember.

But that extra mile can seem impossible, if they’re being held back by their own tools and processes. Did you know that sales professionals spend 40% of their time each week searching for and developing content?1

When it’s a time-consuming ordeal for sellers to pull together relevant, up-to-date materials they know will be effective, they have two choices: spend the time and neglect other sales opportunities, or go to the client with less-than stellar content. Neither will grow your relationships or your revenue.

IBM’s Expert Seller with Box platform solves this dilemma by giving sellers easy access to curated, up-to-date sales and marketing content in one intuitive interface. Expert Seller even highlights the most relevant materials based on seller activity, and provides analytics to help creators focus on top performing content. It empowers sellers with all the information they need and lessens the stress of preparing for meetings, which ultimately helps them give the client a meaningful, memorable experience.

So if you ever find yourself ignoring the employee experience, just remember – it’s empowered, engaged employees that will deliver the empowering, engaging experiences that win you loyal customers.

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1 Source: Sales Enablement Challenges and How to Overcome Them, Jim Mooney/Content Marketing Tools and Technology, Patrick Welch

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IBM is a great company…..always focusing in inovations.

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