The Digital Paradox: Reinventing the Companies Who Were the Foundation of the Digital Revolution

Growing up, I had a front seat for the evolution of telecommunications.  My father worked for the traditional regulated “Bell Companies” and later in the cable and video parts of these businesses. It was through him that I became interested with early video, entertainment, and gaming technologies.  We were early adopters of the VCR, CD […]

What is the circular economy and how your company can capitalize on it

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the EU alone could save $700 billion per year by applying circular economy principles to business and production. The European Commission has calculated that increasing resource productivity by 30 percent before 2030 could create 2 million jobs. What is this circular economy that has such cost-saving, job-making potential? Reinventing […]

Igniting the bonfire of digital reinvention: Start the fire before there’s nothing left to burn

Recently, I was at a campground at night. The smell of campfires was unmistakable, and my eyes picked out the many flickering points of light in contrast to the pitch-black night. The individual blazes gave warmth and light to each separate group of campers — comforting, but going no further than their respective fire pits. […]

4 steps to start the digital reinvention journey for your telecom organization

The telecommunications industry is in the throes of a digital shake-up as digital invaders upset the status quo. These digital disrupters are players of scale, effectively competing with telecom organizations by benefiting from what internet-based ecosystems and “as-a-service” technologies create. To stay relevant in this evolving landscape, telecom organizations must evolve along two trajectories: serving […]

Is talent management evolution part of your customer experience strategy?

Brands across industries have spent the past decade reinventing the customer experience (CX) for the digital age. They’re using mobile apps to drive brick-and-mortar sales and leveraging in-store behavior to drive online purchases. They’re tapping into location data and experimenting with virtual reality. They’re integrating data from various channels to push targeted, personalized messaging. However, […]

Four things CxOs must do to defy digital disruption

There’s no doubt that the pace of digital disruption is only accelerating. Companies that are not already making aggressive moves to keep up are at risk of being left behind by competitors. But, these digital innovations themselves are not enough. Companies also need to look at reimagining their customer experiences to fully take advantage of […]

Serve your customers by serving your employees

These days, customers expect an engaging, personal experience across all of their interactions with you. And if you don’t measure up, it’s simple for them to take their business to a competitor. This environment puts incredible pressure on companies to improve how customers engage with their brands, but it can sometimes leave employees in the […]

Beyond Game, Set & Match: How mobile can help transcend digital-only engagement

It’s that time of year again. Finals are approaching, the rain is dwindling and 13 days of unforgettable tennis is drawing to conclusion at The Championships, Wimbledon. The perfectly cut grass and all that comes with it at The Championships represents an event of British character in its truest sense. Guests far and wide have visited SW19 in […]

Thinking big about mobile and cognitive: Reimagining customer experience

In some ways, digital, mobile and cognitive are becoming substitutes for another word… modern. The modern consumer mindset has been dramatically shaped by the power and pace of mobile. We expect to get anything we’re looking for easily, immediately, and in relevant personal context. A tall order for most companies! Facing this level of expectation, […]

IBMiX at Cannes: a game-changing experience

Interested to learn all about IBMiX at Cannes? Look no further! The Cannes Lions Festival is an eight-day celebration of inspirational people, innovative experiences, and creative ideas that change the world. Attendees will be educated and galvanized as they explore all the event has to offer. By tapping into a particular area of our expertise, […]

Join a Celebration of Digital Craft with IBMiX at Cannes Lions Festival

Carpe the Digital Diem with IBMiX at Cannes! It never ceases to amaze me how fast the world is changing. When I first began attending the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity as a creative director five years ago I would have told you then that I had seen the future, and it looked […]

Winning the Online Shopping Festival Race by Cognitive Advertising

The Online Shopping Festivals are gradually becoming a battle ground for the top retailers as the winner becomes the first off the starting block in the annual festival shopping race.  They need to arm themselves with a huge war chest of advertising dollars. Interestingly, there was a 111% uplift in digital ad spend on Cyber […]