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The Enormous Potential of AI for Pharmaceutical

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in research-intensive organizations has essentially seen linear growth in recent years. Pharmaceutical, CRO, university and healthcare organizations are beginning to shift away from theoretical plans to genuine practical applications of machine intelligence. But what problems are these institutions trying to solve? Dr. Lester Russell, Associate Partner, Clinical Digital Innovation […]

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The future of disease management – the opportunities and challenges of digital interventions

Today’s industries are being disrupted by software-driven innovations, as evidenced by Amazon’s impact in retail markets, Netflix’s success over traditional cable providers, and the upheaval in hospitality industry from online marketplaces such as Airbnb. It is hence no surprise that the healthcare industry is seeing a surge in the development of software driven products to […]

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Predictive Modeling for Pharma Marketers: The Personalization Prescription

There’s massive opportunity in the $1,200 billion world of pharmaceutical marketing, and substantive shifts are underway as big data increases scope and narrows focus. Pharma marketers now face the challenge of combining high-level, abstract knowledge with personalized recommendations tailored to patient and health care provider (HCP) needs. Existing sales strategies and current categorization methods are […]

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People are at the Heart of Patient-Level Clinical Data

Pharmaceutical companies recognize the value of patient-level clinical data, and thanks to a combination of evolving technology and emerging legislation, there’s more data available than ever: Over 86 percent of physicians now use some form of electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) system, according to the CDC. But the sheer influx of […]

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Pharma Engagement Strategy with Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs)

Engaging Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) effectively requires a reconsideration of the traditional commercial model. The traditional commercial model based on reach & frequency and patient metrics is inadequate. Embracing a more account-centric model is necessary to adapt to the growing influence of IDNs. Some examples of approaches emerging throughout the industry are: Hybrid Sales Forces […]

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Pharma Engagement Strategy: Embedding in Clinical Pathways

Clinical pathways are formalized processes of care designed to reduce treatment variability. They can also be referred to as integrated care pathways (ICPs) or care maps. While every medical case is unique, payers and providers are attempting to standardize treatment since unnecessary variation is a major source of growing costs. These formalized processes may take […]

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How life sciences industry is using advanced technologies to transform drug safety?

Protecting the patient’s well-being is a key responsibility for the life sciences industries. Companies must act quickly to evaluate, assess and report adverse events, and identify new and serious safety signals. This process, pharmacovigilance, is heavily dependent on human-beings.  With the volume of adverse events increasing annually by 10%;  additional channels (such as electronic medical […]

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Using Watson to Accelerate Drug Discovery

IBM Watson Health aims to transform the drug development process for life sciences – from research to commercialization. IBM Watson for Drug Discovery helps accelerate breakthroughs by enabling researchers to quickly analyze, identify, and prioritize new therapeutic targets and drug combinations for future study. Imagine if you could:  Access structured and unstructured data from disparate […]

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Better Engage with Patients and Partners Using Watson Health Core and the IBM Cloud

IBM Watson Health Core IBM Watson Health Core is a health data platform specifically designed to meet the needs of life science leaders, medical device companies, researchers and others in this complex, ever-evolving marketplace. Watson Health Core provides more than basic cloud infrastructure: It helps accelerate the consistency and velocity of innovation with a HIPAA-enabled, […]

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A C-Suite Perspective on Increasing the Velocity of Successful Transformation for Global Industries: An interview with Vivek Ramaswamy, CEO of Roivant Sciences and CEO of Axovant Sciences

Preface: While many corporate transformations are rightfully investing in new initiatives to grow top-line revenue, are there other strategic options that companies could pursue with assets that have been lying dormant? This Q&A is part of a series inspired by Fortune’s Most Admired Company rankings.[1] The process includes interviewing executives and professors for their insights […]

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A C-Suite Perspective on Increasing the Velocity of Successful Transformation for Global Industries: An interview with Fred Hassan, Partner & Managing Director of Warburg Pincus

Preface: A turnaround expert with a unique track record in the intensely competitive pharmaceutical industry, Fred Hassan has led successful turnarounds at a number of multinational firms. His leadership approach is described in “Reinvent, A Leader’s Playbook for Serial Success”, a book that has received acclaim from healthcare CEOs as well as from industry leaders […]

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Innovating in the age of ecosystems

Persistent disruptive forces in life sciences are threatening traditional business models over the medium to long term. New technologies are driving radical disruption, value chains are fragmenting and industries are converging. While high rates of return and strong performance may have masked these forces in the past, today they need to be recognized and addressed […]

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