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Building a Blockchain Business Network

Use of Hyperledger Blockchain only really makes sense when a business network is involved.  The techniques for driving blockchain value across the network are evolving as the blockchain technology matures into business usage.

Just last week, a dozen participants came together across three continents to prove the technical feasibility of building a business network on Hyperledger Blockchain, as reported by a coin desk observer.

This blog post describes how we help customers maximise the value from applying blockchain to their business network in implementing a specific blockchain use case.

The highly interactive, Design Thinking-aligned workshop offering draws on Open Innovation practices pioneered by Prof. Henry Chesbrough[1] to explore the characteristics of the business network.  It recommends practical, pragmatic steps to form, grow and manage the business network.

Pre-requisites & Participants

Workshop delegates will have completed “Blockchain Explained”, the “Blockchain Hands-on” workshop and have selected one use case by working through the Use Case Selection module of the Design Thinking Workshop.  See Figure 1 for our approach to customer projects, and my recent blog post describes our approach to use case selection.  Note that the first two steps can now be completed in digital, self paced form in our developerWorks blockchain curriculum.


Figure 1 : Customer Project Approach

We facilitate the workshop, provide blockchain knowledge and experience of previous, successful customer First Projects.  Customer delegates bring knowledge of the use case, how it is currently implemented and the business network involved.  The workshop is held at a strategic level – deferring technical details until later in the development process.

Workshop Structure & Deliverables

The workshop comprises four modules, as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Workshop Structure

IBM Design Thinking[2] principles of structured interaction, group exercise and validation / improvement through playback will be used throughout the workshop.  Facilitator “talk” is kept to a minimum needed to structure the workshop, allowing the maximum amount of time for team interaction, discussion & action planning.

The customer team will leave the workshop with a clear set of documented business network design decisions and a detailed action plan for when and how to form the business network to reap the most benefit from blockchain usage.

More Information

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  2. IBM Design Thinking
  3. Arrange a Workshop

About Blockchain

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