Top 3 tips on how to wrangle us Millennials

I used to think the term “Millennials” was only used to describe the generation that takes pictures of every meal, has personal transportation on-demand and smartphones cemented into their palm. But after watching the Future-Proof: Your Boardroom webinar, I now know this group of 19 –30 year olds—myself included here—are actually being defined by the amount of disruption they’re causing in the traditional business world.

As a recent college graduate and certified Millennial, I understand the connection between technology and this generation, but there is so much more than what meets the screen. We’re just as scared as you about developing a career path, and entering the workforce is a daunting task. When looking at companies to apply to, there are many factors that we consider. As discussed in the webinar, recruiting Millennials is clearly an issue at the front of mind for employers. So in response, here are three tips on how to wrangle us Millennials into your organization.

  1. Don’t hold our age against us. We live in an era where a 24-year old can become a billionaire CEO overnight. For other Millennials that don’t make the transition from start-up to IPO quite as quickly, we still want to be respected. The career paths inside companies are changing at a rapid pace, with many roles being created from new skills as they’re discovered. This change calls for a deeper look into promotions and upward mobility. Millennials are looking for leadership and impactful opportunities. Making a difference on both a local and global level, regardless of our age or role, is something this generation definitely considers when choosing a company to work for.
  1. Authenticity is key. Millennials are the first group to see through the phoniness of a business trying too hard to incorporate a younger generation. Not every company needs to be the ultimate Millennial-haven. For some organizations, some element of business-as-usual is necessary: a dress code can set the tone for the entire business, and arriving at the crack of dawn can set the standard. However, modernization to company culture doesn’t hurt. Small changes to the normal work-life balance can go a long way to a Millennial employee.
  1. Beauty is in the eye of the Millennial. Contrary to popular belief, every Millennial isn’t aspiring to work at a tech start-up wearing a t-shirt and jeans. All companies have equal opportunity to establish something unique inside their organization that will attract the right candidate. Businesses are not buffets where there’s something for every preference.

Check out the question & answer segment below, or review the entire webinar here.

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