The “Two Waves” of Big Data

New Technologies, Enhanced Processes There is an old saying that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Big Data is far more than just Hadoop. Spark, Python, Scala, Cassandra, and Atlas are open source Big Data technologies that have expanded the ability for analytics to scale in velocity and volumes that can […]

Thought Leadership

Optimize Your Enterprise for Microsoft & LinkedIn Integration

The Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn will integrate Microsoft’s productivity tools, including Microsoft Office 365, with employees’ social networks. That’s not a small task, considering there are over 450 million LinkedIn members (Source: Statista) and 1.2 billion Office users (Source: Window Central). I believe businesses will be affected one way or another — and you’ll need […]


The Democratization of Data – It’s Like Riding a Bike

Since the original Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Executive Information Systems came into being, the ability to look at data and make meaningful decisions with confidence has been the conserve of those who either are sufficiently senior to coral the teams and resources necessary OR those who already understand the data and its meaning in […]

Cognitive Predictions

The cognitive market is expanding at momentous speed, with the annual growth rate reaching 40%. It is no longer a question of why you should engage in cognitive technologies, but how. 2017 will result in widespread tangible implementations and achievement of real business value as the mind share in cognitive solutions changes to market share. […]

Math and Diversity made cool by Hidden Figures

While our differences shape who we are as individual IBMers, our shared culture and values remain central to our success. We are fortunate to work in an environment where diversity is part of what we believe, and who we are. We understand that diversity goes beyond fair hiring practices and protection for all employees. Diversity […]

Digital Insights and Analytics Outlook for 2017

2016 was a year that saw the next wave of adopter finally moving forward with their Big Data programs. As results from early adopters and lessons are learned, organizations are moving big data and digital analytics efforts into the mainstream. We see this change accelerating in 2017 along with several other areas which include: Big […]

Weather means Business: Weather Data as a Driver for Digital Innovation

The impact of weather on business is underestimated. As organizations are increasingly looking to external data sources to innovate and optimize their business, precise weather data sticks out as a unique source of competitive advantage. Across industries, leading players are using weather data to transform decision making and to enable new business models. ‘Data is […]

IBM and SAS Analytics

It is hard to find anyone these days who needs to be sold on analytics. Everyone agrees with the promise of analytics. Yet companies experience frustrations when it comes to realizing its potential. A recent McKinsey study found that “86% of executives say their organizations have been at best only somewhat effective at meeting the […]

IBM’s Presence at Microsoft Ignite: Activities Snapshot

We’re excited to join attendees in Atlanta, Georgia for the upcoming Microsoft Ignite 2016 event, September 26-30. As a Platinum Sponsor, we’ve lined up many activities designed to spark discussion about transforming your customer experience. Join me and other IBM and thought leaders at the event. Find out how IBM’s end-to-end solutions for Microsoft investments […]

Telecom and IoT: A Market Transition

In the last 10 years, Telecom operators have engaged with mixed results in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. An initial focus on developing technology offerings – with the emphasis being on sensor and networking solutions – has been followed by a number of point technology solutions: Connected luminaries and traffic lights in the smart […]

Boosting Your In-House Big Brother May Stop Employee Crime

I recently opened a work email with the subject line: “time to upgrade your computer.” I knew that I was due for a replacement laptop and was very relieved to see that someone was taking care of it, at last. But it took only moment for me to realize that I had been caught by […]

What is 360 Digital Data?

Digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google are making billions of dollars from the 360  digital data their users are generating on their platforms. The ability to precisely pinpoint behaviours and trends has never been more instantaneous. Both digital and traditional enterprises are racing to understand how they can exploit this data to better […]

Trade Surveillance: Advice for banks in today’s environment

  There was a time when Rogue Trading was the key risk that banks had to protect themselves and their clients from. Remember Nick Leeson who brought down the House of Baring Capital? Then came everything else. Analysts pushing zombie stocks to clients. Traders shorting assets being sold to clients. Extreme leverage. Anti-Money Laundering. Interest […]

Forming alliances to incentivise innovation in your supply chain

So, why supply chain alliances? In today’s fast moving world, how (and how quickly) companies bring new ideas to market has never mattered more. Internal innovation programmes can bring benefits. Often company employees are very experienced in the industry, and when incentivised to do so, produce exceptionally innovative ideas. However, it is arguable that companies […]

The NFL Draft and the future of high-stakes decision-making

Decisions. Decisions. We make hundreds of them – maybe thousands – every day. Some are easy to make, and carry little consequence. Others, however, can change the course of your professional or personal life. And so it is with the NFL Draft, the annual rite of spring, replete with wall-to-wall television coverage and red carpet […]