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A Multitude of Metrics

Operations and supply chain people talk about metrics all the time, but we don’t spend a lot of time on the metrics themselves. The nature of how metrics function, and how they are put together, is worth our attention: If we don’t understand how metrics work and what different kinds of metrics are intended to […]

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Blockchain Solutions: Sometimes it takes a village (i.e. a consortium)

I’m often the person who presents the basics of blockchain technology to people at electronics companies, which brings a small but enjoyable reward with it: I get to see the light come on in executives’ eyes when they realize that blockchain can solve a real-life problem for them. Our discussions almost always get more animated […]

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Finding the extra production line(s) hidden in your factory (Part 3 of a series)

In two previous posts on the OEE metric and how to find the extra production line(s) hidden in your factory, we discussed the factors that go together to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Restating a simple progression from the end of the last post, generally you monitor line performance first. Often, simply being more aware of […]

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Hey bud, want a free manufacturing line?

We used to call running out of manufacturing capacity a “good problem to have,” but it’s still a problem. If your customers want more product than you can build at the moment, you need to work out a way to increase production levels. In the short term, you can get your current staff to work […]

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What can you do about a lousy forecast?

One of the oldest jokes in operations management is that “accurate forecast” is an oxymoron. But it seems that many companies have gotten so used to poor forecast quality that they’ve lost focus on this business-critical issue. After all, improving forecast accuracy by even a small amount can have a massive, and very positive effect […]

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SAP S/4 HANA and IBM IMPACT for Digital Reinvention in the High Tech Industry

It’s not news to anyone that the high tech industry (electronics) is playing a pivotal role in the new digital era: not only because high tech companies are trailblazers in the usage of new digital technology but because they develop and produce the gadgets and data that enables the digital world. Everyone wants to be […]

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So you want to build a Control Tower…

If your business is experiencing issues with assembling all the data it needs in order to quickly get answers to critical questions and determine the best course of action, a control tower can be a great solution. One of the essential things that control towers do is to assemble data from multiple sources, to create […]

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4 focus areas in supply chain for 2018

2017 has been an exciting year for supply chain. From my own experience I’ve witnessed how companies are raising importance of implementing digital technologies in supply chain and customer support whereas in the past few years, the focus was primarily around product & service innovation, marketing and sales. Now more than ever, supply chain and […]

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Software Asset Management use case for Blockchain

No doubts we are living on a rapid-changing business environment for electronics and many other industries. The lines between traditional industries disappear, clearing the way clear for new market entrants and fostering the hatching of new ecosystems. Electronics sits at the heart of many of these ecosystems and that’s good news, but it takes a […]

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Captives or Outsourcing: What’s the right offshoring business model?

Captives or Outsourcing: What’s the right offshoring business model? Nowadays it’s rare to find a global company that is not running at least part of its core operations from another country. Indeed offshoring is one of the most common ways to optimizing a operations, mainly due to these main reasons: Reduces cost mainly through labor […]

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A Framework for Supply Chain Investments

It’s early in the year, and many companies are trying to work out where they should make strategic investments. In supply chain management, the range of potential solutions or new capabilities can seem overwhelming. Even describing the number of options is challenging – how do you choose between such disparate solutions as, say, building a […]

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Inventory – the key to effective working capital management

Apple’s Tim Cook is famous for saying “Inventory is fundamentally evil” (1) but the phrase “Inventory is evil” dates back at least to the 1980s. It’s at least a little curious that people would choose such strong terms to refer to something that normally is characterized as an asset. “Evil” isn’t the only strong term […]

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