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Think 2018: There’s much more to Think

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What makes you think?

Emerging technologies are changing the way we live, work, and interact with one another every day. That certainly gives us all a lot to think about. Exploring the relationship between humanity and technology is a bold endeavor, and none of us can do it alone.

Here at IBM, we know that innovation stems not from individuals working in isolation, but from an energetic dialogue between diverse disciplines. We know inspiration lives at the intersection of intelligence and emotion, art and science, people and products, design and business. Our goal is to celebrate and elevate the progressive partnership of mankind and machine, together.

That’s why we’re creating Think 2018, the first-of-its-kind gathering of the world’s leading visionaries, business leaders, innovators, and thinkers like you. Think is not a convention. Think is an ever-evolving, inclusive, accessible, horizontal conversation about human ingenuity, its advocates, and the tools they employ to break paradigms and create new ones.

Think is for the defiant, the curious, the provocative, the uncompromising, the resistant, the persistent. For those who seek progress and the advancement of us all. For those who are obsessed with understanding new technologies like AI, cloud, data, security, infrastructure and more. For those who want to explore what’s possible. Think is for those who seek inspiration and education, reinvention and innovation, to connect and succeed in unexpected, transformative ways to improve society and humanity, one person at a time.

Think is our time and our place to face our biggest problems and achieve our highest aspirations together.


Challenge yourself to Think

The conference where thinkers like you gather to make the world of business work smarter. Where the journey to cloud and AI take center stage. Where you can find the expertise to modernize and secure your enterprise.

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Think Campus

Every aspect of Think 2018 is built with you in mind—your interests, your goals, and your biggest business challenges. Focus on one world-changing topic at a time to learn, solve, and connect on what’s most important to you and your business. Campus activities include sessions, networking events, expert talks, innovators, demonstrations, education, food and drinks, and more.

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Think Academy

Think Academy is everything you love about labs and certifications surrounded by experts and teachers in an engaging and inspiring environment. You’ll learn all about the technology that’s disrupting business and changing the planet through 1,000+ labs, 300+ certifications, and more. An essential part of the Think 2018 experience, Think Academy gives you the unique opportunity to get a full year’s worth of professional education in just 4 days.

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Watson Session Expert

The Watson Session Expert is a wonderful way to explore everything Think 2018 has to offer while building your own personalized agenda in one easy-to-navigate online experience. Anyone can join. This helpful and newly updated tool lets you browse sessions and build your agenda right from your desktop or mobile device before or after you register. You’ll have the power to view sessions and craft your own tailored agenda to be sure you get the most from your Think 2018 experience.

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Get to know our speakers

Hear from industry luminaries, connect directly with technical experts and IBM senior leaders. Hear first hand how clients are disrupting markets.

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The Ultimate Guide to Think

In this guide, you will get an in-depth look at how this conference is structured and organized so you can maximize your experience in Las Vegas. You’ll learn:

  • What is Think?
  • What is a Think Campus?
  • What will I learn at Think?
  • What is, and how do I use Watson Session Expert?

Download the guide for more information on IBM’s flagship global conference.

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We can’t wait to show you Think 2018

Watch Think 2018 on demand and learn all about the ways your business can put smart to work. We hope you enjoy the keynotes, interviews, and sessions, and we can’t wait to see you in San Francisco in 2019!


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