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4 key reasons to join us at Think 2018

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Think about the best conference you’ve ever attended.

What did you learn? Did it pique your curiosity? Did it leave you inspired? Who were the speakers? Who did you meet there? What did you tell people afterwards? What lessons did you take with you once you left? Did those lessons stick? Or maybe you’re reading this thinking that all conferences are basically the same.

However you feel about tech conferences or business conventions or any general gathering of professionals, you’ve come to the right place.

We started by looking at all the successful conferences in our recent years. Next, we asked clients and Business Partners. We even engaged in a global conversation with all IBMers about what each of us would want from a conference. This gave us a lot to think about, setting the wheels in motion for Think.

Above all else, we believe the best conference must be build around four key elements considered to be essential to its attendees: education, experts, networking, and entertainment.


From Cloud, Data, and AI to Security, IoT, IT infrastructure, and beyond, Think is built to help you learn what you need to know about the latest advances in technology that are changing the way the world works. And with thousands of labs, sessions, and certifications, you’ll have access to a year’s worth of professional education and training in just one week.

Think Campuses

With so many topics and sessions, you may be thinking it’s impossible to do a deep dive into everything there is to learn at Think. Don’t worry, we’ve planned for that, too.

Think Campuses will help you focus on one world-changing topic at a time so you can learn, solve, and connect around what’s most important to you and your business.

Topics for the Think Campuses include Cloud and Data, Security and Resiliency, Modern Infrastructure, and Business and AI.

Consider your Think Campus your community. It’s where you’ll find all the information you want around the technologies you need to stay ahead.

Your Campus is also where you’ll find the other thinkers that want to connect on all the topics you care about most. And as all professionals find at one time or another, sharing challenges, solutions, and experiences with one another can lead to some of the most valuable lessons and discoveries.

Think Academy

Think Academy includes 1,000+ labs, certifications, and sessions.

You’ll have many opportunities to explore new technologies, connect with industry leaders and experts, and learn how to take your business and your career to the next level.

Built to be an immersive educational experience, Think Academy lets you learn the way you want to learn with scheduled, open, and group labs covering a huge array of technologies.

How you learn is also up to you, whether you choose to use lab machines or bring your own devices to explore our huge catalog of labs at your leisure.

With access to more than 300 certification exams, you’ll also have a lot to show for your time at Think, including valuable credentials you can carry with you to the next stage of your career.



Beyond learning from keynotes and sessions, you’ll have many opportunities to meet face to face with subject matter experts and get all your biggest questions answered.

Think will bring together the world’s top technical minds to discuss their experiences, their aspirations, their struggles, and their visions for the future.

One of the most important parts of this event is that you have the opportunity to talk to experts who can not only teach you about the latest advances in technology, but also tell you what they mean for your enterprise, your industry, and your career. Meet the minds behind IBM Blockchain, Watson, Cloud, IBM Security, and much more.

You’ll be able to ask your biggest questions and get answers in real time from people know more about the topics that interest you than anyone else in the world.

Think is also the perfect place to meet the IBM partners you need to bring your business and its technology to the next level as we enter the era of AI.



You’ll also have countless chances to expand your network and build new alliances with fellow thinkers from around the world.

Take time to get to know your community within your Think Campus as you discuss the topics that matter most to your business. Spend a while talking over refreshments at any of the countless chances to meet and mingle throughout the event. Meet with your heroes and mentors as the visionary speakers who share their wisdom join the crowd to find out what you have to say. Exchange cards and contact info with your next partner, your future boss, or the brightest new developer your company has ever seen.

Whomever you meet at Think, you’ll be sure to grow your circle of influence and find some interesting new contacts to keep in mind for potential opportunities in 2018 or beyond.



When it comes to entertainment, it’s true that you’ll hear stories from an inspiring lineup of speakers that includes authors, educators, celebrities, futurists, and even an astronaut—but that’s only the beginning.

Not only will you get full access to the topics and technologies you care about most, but you’ll also enjoy unexpected and awesome entertainment provided throughout the event experience.

We’re expanding our list of entertainment every week, so don’t forget to check back and find out who you’ll get to see live in Vegas thanks to Think!

As you can see, whether you’re an entry-level practitioner or a senior VP—and whether you’ve attended dozens of tech conferences or not even one—Think 2018 has everything you need to advance your skills and drive success.

Think 2018 is one conference you can’t afford to miss.



We can’t wait to show you Think 2018

Watch Think 2018 on demand and learn all about the ways your business can put smart to work. We hope you enjoy the keynotes, interviews, and sessions, and we can’t wait to see you in San Francisco in 2019!


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