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When it comes to better business results and collaboration, the proof is in the pudding…and in Box.

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One of the most powerful experiences I can share as a marketing professional is a great customer success story. It’s the “proof in the pudding” that affirms the real business results the customer is realizing from their experience. So I got to thinking about this power of proof that I could share with my network of colleagues looking to fuel better business outcomes. And I didn’t have to look far… it starts in my own digital workspace right here at IBM.

The collaboration challenge…we all face it!

Companies of all sizes are facing ever-evolving competitive forces requiring us to move faster, build smarter solutions, and collaborate at top speed to make better business decisions. And with your workforce on the move, this kind of agility requires new ways of working both inside your organization and within the marketplace.

Before IBM entered a strategic partnership with Box, my daily tasks and work routine often left me stuck…sort of like standing in pudding. Lots of good information coming from different sources around me, but it was slowing me down. Multiple, disparate tools, emails and places to look to find the latest information and conversations that I needed to get my work done. The amount of time I was spending simply trying to communicate and collaborate with my geographically dispersed team impacted my ability to deliver. In fact, a report I read says that the average employee uses up to 11 cloud services for collaboration, file sharing and content sharing.1 ELEVEN! And, I wasn’t alone. On average, surveyed employees were spending 28 hours per week collaborating, writing emails and searching for information.2

The solution? Thinking inside of Box…

Today, my digital workspace has become my ally once again with the addition of Box. As a secure cloud-based content collaboration solution, Box is powering my team, as well as our external vendors and customers, with seamless and mobile access to information.  IBM chose Box, placing a high priority on deploying a SaaS solution that removes barriers to effective collaboration, drives creativity and reinforces agility. But don’t take my word for it. Let me share the stories that corroborate success.

A tale of two companies’ success with Box


IBM is giving teams like mine around the world a simple, secure way to access, edit and share the information they need—anywhere, on any device—using cloud-enabled Box solutions. And IBM is realizing big savings, thanks to lower on-device storage requirements, and helping staff work more productively, with an incredibly small dependence on help desk support. So small, in fact, that IBM’s CIO office has gone on record with a full case study on Box’s impact to our business. Fletcher Previn, Vice President of IBM Workplace as a Service sums it up nicely:

 “Box is a perfect example of the beauty of SaaS. There’s no infrastructure to buy, deploy or maintain, and I have just shy of two FTEs [full-time equivalents] managing it all.”

Read the full IBM CIO Office case study on Box  that outlines the quantifiable benefits attained in just over a year.

Home Gallery

Home Gallery is another great example. Located in the United Arab Emirates, Home Gallery is a private, family-owned company specializing in high-end consumer interior product design and implementation, working with designers around the world. For each project, hundreds of drawings and 3D models must be created, reviewed and shared, which requires an effective document management and work flow process.

Smiling father and son talking to each other in bed.With Box in place, Home Gallery has achieved a seamless flow of information between designers, clients and contractors – boosting productivity, minimizing waste and maintaining quality. According to Saleh Lootah, Home Gallery CEO:

“Box will empower us to help our clients build homes they have always dreamed of, while maximizing productivity and minimizing waste.”

Download the Home Gallery case study to read about all the benefits Box is helping them to realize.

Want your own proof?

If you’re like me, it’s one thing to read about value and success – it’s another to personally experience it. Visit to find more customer testimonials and get started with a free 30-day trial to personally experience how Box  can resolve the challenges you may be wrestling with.


  1. Skyhigh Networks Cloud Adoption and Risk Report. 2016.
  2. “The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies.” McKinsey & Company. July 2012.


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