Mobile Drives Black Friday Shopping According to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark

Expectations were high when it came to online sales this holiday season and Black Friday 2012 didn’t disappoint. Overall, online sales were up close to  24 percent over 2011 as of 9 p.m. EST. But what really stood out this year was the impact of mobile. As retailers continue to deliver multi-screen experiences that connect customers with personalized deals across multiple screens including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, mobile traffic soared to 27.8 percent, with the number of consumers using a movable device to make a purchase reaching 14.4 percent.  It appears customers chose to forgo waiting in long lines and instead brought their smarterphones to their dining room tables and their tablets to their living room couches. Let’s take a closer look at mobile sales this Black Friday:

  • Mobile Shopping: The number of consumers using their mobile device to make a purchase reached 14.4 percent.
  • Mobile Traffic: The number of consumers using a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site reached 27.8 percent.
  • The Multi-Screen Shopper: Consumers continue to use their mobile phone in the store with the iPhone driving more retail shopping than any other device. Current iPhone traffic is at 10.9 percent versus 9.2 percent and 7.5 percent for iPad and Android respectively.
  • The iPad Factor: iPad continued to drive more retail purchases more often per visit than other mobile devices with conversion rates reaching 4.2 percent, higher than all other mobile devices.

As Cyber Monday draws near, stay tuned for the latest figures and trends!

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Tablet Crunch

Fascinating! I’m the founder of Tablet Crunch and I believe we are on the brink of transforming the world of commerce because of mobile devices, especially tablets. I would love to know, of the purchases made via mobile devices on Black Friday, do you have a break down by device?

For example, 35% of mobile purchases via iPad, 24% via iPhone, etc…. (just as an example, not relative numbers at all).

I would love to start covering the world (stats) of commerce via mobile devices at Tablet Crunch.

Thanks and I look forward to your reply to my question!

Feel free to email me directly or call my via Google Voice at 706-363-0335

    Jay Henderson

    Thank you for your comment! While we don’t measure the percentage of sales by device, we do report on the percentage of tablet traffic, as well as mobile conversation rates. Full day Black Friday results as of of 12 a.m. PST indicate the iPad dominates tablet traffic with 88.3%. The Barnes and Noble Nook follows suit, with 3.1%, with the Kindle coming in third with 2.4%. Full day Black Friday results showed Mobile conversions significantly higher for iPad vs iPhone and Android. The iPad converted at 4.38%, followed by Android devices converting at 1.73%, and the iPhone converting at 1.70%. With their rich, more interactive experience, and larger screens, it makes sense that tablets have high conversion rates. You’d also expect mobile to have slightly lower conversion rates considering that smartphones also help drive in-store conversions. One thing is clear, consumers are shopping in lots of different channels. Marketers and CMOs need to focus on multi-screen and multi-channel experiences to connect customers with personalized deals and promotions.


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