Turn Archived Information Into Big Data and Analytical Assets

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Datawatch Extends IBM Content Manager OnDemand to Help Unlock Value of Data


Many of the decision support, compliance, reporting and operational issues that businesses face are not efficiently solved with complex database query tools or data warehouses.

The answers, more often than not, lie in an organization’s transactional content. These reports, statements and correspondence – ingested and archived in IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) – create a treasure trove of valuable business information, if only you can extract the information from the page.

Access and analyze all of your transactional data

Report mining eliminates longstanding challenges associated with printed reports and structured business documents by transforming them from static, inflexible, read-only documents into a new source of live data that can be used effectively for analysis, decision-making, presentation and application integration – with no new programming work required.

Datawatch Report Mining Server (RMS) simple to use, web-based analytics solution that provides companies of all sizes and industries with a unique ability to extract and make sense of data within CMOD. Using the formatted information that composes business reports and records, RMS constructs reusable models to access data and produce insights in minutes.

Business and technical users alike need not worry that they are accessing incorrect or inconsistent data. The information originates from trusted, approved reports generated from normal business processes, helping to ensure accurate, approved data.

Tap into opportunities to transform your business

As organizations continue to gather increasingly larger and more complex volumes of data that need to be analyzed to improve operations and complete mission-critical objectives, they can pair CMOD with RMS to help:

Increase ROI – RMS leverages all available reports, including those developed by IT and “canned” reports produced by ERP, financial, supply chain and other operational systems. In doing so, existing, previously untapped and, in effect, “free” data sources come to life at the click of a mouse, and the usefulness of reports, reporting systems and document archives created from older technology is extended, protecting investments in legacy reporting systems.

Shift the burden from IT – Because reports are a “lowest common denominator” output, report mining can be utilized in virtually any computing environment. The only requirement is a file, usually as text or PDF. IT can help eliminate infrastructure for ad-hoc reporting, sub-reports or live database connecting.

Access important data quickly – The ability to extract data from reports means instant access, no “reinventing the wheel” every time and none of the customized programming that’s often required to transform table-based data into actionable information.

Create reports for easy analysis – Users can easily sort, filter, summarize, and drill into the data for multidimensional cube analysis then export it to Excel, PDF and more.

Reduce human error – There is no need to cut and paste or manually key data into spreadsheets or other usable formats, significantly reducing the risk of manual error and processing time.

For more information on how Datawatch RMS can transform the data stored in your IBM CMOD, watch the 2-minute video on Report Mining Server or watch a 1-minute video on how to bridge CMOD data with Big Data analytics. We also would like to inform you that IBM is running free 2-day workshops on CMOD. Register for a workshop near you here.

Chief Marketing Officer, Datawatch Corporation

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