Hybrid integration: Catalyst for digital disruption

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“The Butterfly Effect” — where small actions can have a large impact on something totally unrelated to the initial event — is what I think of when we see how simple, collaborative relationships between IT and LOB teams can be the catalyst for disrupting a market, redefining business models, and ultimately making or breaking a company.

Let me explain. The transformation that companies need to go through to reach their target market in the digital world is to enhance their current business assets to be relevant to an online audience.

At its core, this means getting IT, the team that created the existing business assets seamlessly collaborate with the “new age” teams that are building the new business models in the company.

We can assume two things that this collaboration needs to happen at the speed of light. And the teams will share a common passion of transforming the company. Think about it: How hard can it be for two groups with the same goal of winning the competitive race of business to get along?

If my family dinners are any indication, that is a very hard thing to do. Let me share a personal story: I was born and raised in Mumbai, India, the land of Bollywood dreams and drama. I met, fell in love with, and married a German, whose life is based on structure and reality.  We now live in California, the laid-back land of surfers and startups. If my personal experience is of any indication, common intent is 5% of the battle, while collaboration and follow-through in the face of changing environments, whether personal, professional, or physical, is the rest.

We at IBM understood this too, and were not going to let something as important as the digital revolution be a game of chance. So, this week at InterConnect we launched AppConnect – the best friend for every marketing, sales, and HR team that wants their applications talk to and collaborate with each other instantly, without complex IT procedures.

AppConnect closely collaborates with its best friend – the IBM Integration Bus (IIB). So when AppConnect needs help, it can reach out to the IT team using IIB. Together, the tools and their masters can create a framework that connects everything in the company.

This Connect framework is the heart of ensuring the various decision managers in the company get the information they want, when they want it and where they want it. It allows for decisions to be made as the speed of thought and implemented through an enterprise grade integration solution.

So, it’s time to move the butterfly — an IT expert makes a friend in marketing over lunch and AppConnect today , and tomorrow  the company changed the way the world does business.


Learn more about Connect on IBM Cloud.

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