What is cloud computing and why should you care? Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I gave two examples from ThoughtsOnCloud, posts that explain cloud computing. In this post I cover a few posts from our blog that explain the potential of cloud computing to improve our lives.

Let’s first turn to Maamar Ferkoun, one of our Asia-Pacific bloggers, to search for an answer to the question: How is cloud computing impacting everyday life? I agree with Maamar that while the technologies surrounding cloud computing have been discussed a lot, few studies have focused on its impact on everyday life. In his post, Maamar gives specific examples from health and education industries, social collaboration and developing countries to make his point on how cloud computing makes a positive contribution in all these areas.

Another ThoughtsOnCloud blogger, Gerard Frez from Australia answers the same question on a more personal level. In his post, 10 things I like about cloud, he shares with us 10 specific examples where cloud makes a difference. I particularly liked his “Las Vegas buffet example” where he explains the concept of pick what you want or need in the cloud with a buffet analogy.

So should we conclude that cloud accelerates the evolution of mankind?  Sam Garforth from the UK, says YES.  One advantage he points out is minimizing the risk of failure for new ideas, especially for small businesses. For me this is probably the most important benefit of cloud computing. Who would not agree with Sam when he says, “Cloud enables anyone with a good idea to get that idea out into the world without needing any initial investment…. I really think that this way could give an exponential increase in our quality of life.”

These are just a handful of posts from IBM Redbooks Thought leaders on ThoughtsOnCloud. We publish new posts daily, except for weekends.

Finally if you’d like to read more on cloud, take advantage of the ITSO Redbooks publications. If you are new to cloud, I suggest that you start with the ITSO Redbooks  Point-of-View publication Taking Advantage of Cloud Computing to Meet Today’s Business Needs. This document makes a good introduction to cloud computing and introduces the IBM Cloud solutions at a high level. Once you grasp the basics you can check out other IBM Redbooks publications related with cloud computing.

I’d like to finish this post on a lighter tone. Watch this video of our IBM Redbooks Thought leader bloggers in a working session!

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