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Announcing the new Federal Cloud Object Storage Service

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Today we’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new Federal Cloud Object Storage Service for our Federal Dallas and Federal Washington D.C. locations.

With the proliferation of data collection devices, such as body cameras, and an increase in the granularity of data collected, government agencies are in urgent need of storage solutions to host large and growing volumes of data without straining their budgets. IBM Cloud Object Storage is designed to help government agencies efficiently and securely store, manage, and access their unstructured data to unlock its value.

The Federal Cloud Object Storage Service is available to government customers and is approved for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Moderate security controls.   U.S. Federal and State/Local Government entities can now store data in IBM Federal data centers to support their workloads and get the benefits of our Cloud Object Storage service backed by IBM.

Why IBM Cloud Object Storage?

With Cloud Object Storage, government customers get the flexibility and pricing that best fits their workload demands and data access patterns. Customers can store data as objects in buckets for active, less active, archive, and dynamic data with our storage classes (Standard, Vault, Cold Vault, and Flex).

FedRAMP Moderate Security Controls

IBM Federal Cloud Object Storage is approved for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Moderate security controls.

Additional information on the FedRAMP program is available from https://www.fedramp.gov/

Durable and reliable storage

IBM Cloud Object Storage is designed for data durability of 99.999999999 percent. Data is sliced, and slices are dispersed across multiple devices for resiliency. High data durability is maintained by built-in integrity checking and self-repair capabilities.

Securely store and access your data

Federal Cloud Object Storage provides default server-side encryption for data at rest, plus additional option for customers to use their own keys with our SSE-C API support.

Get started quickly, and develop with ease

Cloud Object Storage provides simplified steps to quickly provision and deploy buckets through an optimized UI, APIs, and SDKs. Cloud Object Storage provides S3 API compatibility support for data path functions.

A Storage Class for Every Workload

IBM Cloud Object Storage public cloud services offer consumption, storage and retrieval options based on workload demands.

  • Standard: This service is for data that requires frequent access, including DevOps, analytics, collaboration and active content repositories.
  • Vault: This service is for workloads with infrequently accessed data, including backup, data retention and business continuity.
  • Cold Vault: This service is ideal for minimum access requirements, including data archive, historical records compliance and long-term digital asset preservation.
  • Flex: Ideal for workloads with unpredictable or variable data access patterns and protects your budget from unexpected cost fluctuations. For example, the Flex service is suitable for cloud-native analytics and cognitive workloads that are ‘hot’ one month and ‘cold’ the next month.

Federal Cloud Object Storage Pricing

For more information about pricing plans and service pricing go to IBM Cloud Object Storage Service pricing

Get started with our new Federal Cloud Object Storage service today

Accounts in IBM’s Federal Datacenters must be pre-approved. For more information and to request an account in our Federal Datacenters please contact us via our Federal site.

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