IBM Veterans Employment Accelerator

From the Frontlines of the Army to Cybersecurity

IBM’s Veterans Employment Initiative provides software training, certification and job placement assistance to veterans pursuing careers as data analysts. IBM experts lead five-day training sessions at dozens of locations each year, featuring IBM i2® Analyst’s Notebook® software. Part of our Impact Grants portfolio, the initiative works with Corporate America Supports You (CASY) and Military Spouse […]

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Every Day Should Be Veterans Day

Our veterans often face challenges transitioning to the civilian work force. For example, while unemployment rates for veterans tend to hover just a few points above the national average for all workers, it is estimated that nearly half a million vets have dropped out of the workforce over the last 10 years. As we take […]

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New IBM Program to Accelerate Vets into Data Analyst Jobs

On Veterans Day – and every day – it’s time both to celebrate and honor those who have served in our Armed Forces and to consider how we, as individuals and businesses, can play a role in helping our veterans transition back to civilian life. Through new programs and partnerships with nonprofits and other corporations, […]

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