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Analytics for all

Dan Vesset

Prescriptive analytics 101: What should be done about it?

In this series of posts, guest author Dan Vesset addresses each of the five data analytics capabilities. This fifth and final post focuses on prescriptive analytics.

Analytics for all

Dan Vesset

Predictive analytics 101: What will happen next?

In this series of posts, guest author Dan Vesset addresses each of the five data analytics capabilities. This fourth post focuses on predictive analytics.

Analytics for all

Brad Molzen

You can’t build AI without an analytics foundation

When you’re building a house, you always start with the foundation.  It is the most important part of your house, and deserves your highest amount ...

Analytics for all

Paul Ambraz

How to be data-driven and act on your analytics vision

 The potential of what businesses can achieve with analytics is tremendous, and it just keeps growing.  Taking full advantage means incorporating ...


Forsyth Alexander

The top 10 IBM Analytics University sessions you won't want to miss

With more than 75 sessions, hands-on labs and demos, Analytics University offers you an up close and personal experience with IBM Analytics solutions. And, even though there are four tracks to help narrow down your options, you still might not be sure what to choose. I've taken a look at all the Analytics University sessions and found 10 that I think you should check out.


Caroline Seymour

A is for analytics... and Analytics University

From the time we start practicing alphabet letters in workbooks, we never stop learning. This is why we’re giving you the chance to learn more about everything that’s happening in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of analytics. Yes, A is for (IBM) Analytics University.

Watson Analytics

Vishnu Nanduri

A data scientist speaks: Business needs Watson Analytics

Of all the tools I've used inthe past decade as a data scientist, Watson Analytics is the one that truly can democratize analytics. As such, it is a critical component of any business’s analytics journey.

What's new

Forsyth Alexander

PC Magazine: Watson Analytics is a "smart data science assistant"

Pam Baker reviewed Watson Analytics for PC Magazine, and she rated our easy analytics service as "excellent." Here are the highlights of her thorough, complimentary write-up.


Holly Nielsen

World of Watson: 5 Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics Predictioneers share takeaways

They came. They learned. They shared. Among the 17,500 attendees at IBM World of Watson 2016 were 7 Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics Predictioneers. Five of them shared their key takeaways.