Chris Dettlaff

NodeCellar on Bluemix: Sample Application with Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

Node Cellar is a sample Node.js Express application that uses Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, and MongoDB.  This application was written outside of IBM and was not intended to run on Bluemix.  However, with very little change, it will run on Bluemix just fine.

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Monitoring Liberty in Bluemix with JConsole

To monitor the Bluemix Liberty runtime with JConsole, you must complete the following steps.

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Collecting Diagnostic Data After a Crash

If a Liberty Bluemix application crashes, the default behavior is that it will immediately restart. The problem with this behavior is that all diagnostic files such as dumps and traces are lost. In order to delay the restart so that dumps and traces can be collected, set this environment variable for your application . . . .

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