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Vulnerability Advisor v2 API Deprecation

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What is Vulnerability Advisor?

Vulnerability Advisor is a component of the IBM Cloud Container Registry offering which scans Docker images that are stored in your registry for known vulnerabilities and configuration issues. Regardless of image source, Vulnerability Advisor inspects every layer in each image prior to instantiating a live container from that image. Vulnerability Advisor also performs live container scanning for those instances that are running within IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

What is changing?

Effective January 8, 2019, v2 of Vulnerability Advisor’s API will be deprecated and will no longer be usable. Please start to use v3 of the API, which you can find at

End of Support Date: January 8, 2019

  • All existing API calls that use v2 will continue to work from now until the end of support.
  • Any API call that uses v2 after the end of support will fail.
  • Prior to the end of support, update any automation to use v3 of the API.


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