Dropping Prices for Watson Compare & Comply

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The Watson team has listened to your feedback and responded

Watson Element Classification (available through the Watson Discovery Services portfolio) will reduce its per-page price by 50% starting September 1, 2018, to meet the needs of organizations processing large numbers of contractual documents. All processed pages will now be charged at $0.20 per page. In addition, we’ve decided to keep the monthly free allotment of 500 pages to help your organization get started turning your documents into insights throughout the contract lifecycle.

New to Compare & Comply?

Watson Compare & Comply is changing the way companies find insights through document processing. Watson Element Classification, the first release of Watson Compare & Comply, facilitates decision-making by turning unstructured knowledge within business documents into accessible data usable by existing business processes. Our pre-trained AI engines power the conversion of PDF documents into labeled JSON, which can be integrated with existing solutions to meet business process needs.

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Offering Manager - Watson Horizontal Apps, Compare & Comply

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