IBM Cloud Object Storage and Veritas – The Road Ahead

Today, IBM and Veritas announced  an exciting partnership to help optimize data management in the cloud. This announcement brings together the powerful capabilities of Veritas Netbackup with the power and reach of the IBM Cloud and specifically IBM Cloud Object Storage.


veritas logoVeritas has certified the IBM Cloud Object Storage family of software and cloud services for use with Veritas NetBackup 8.0. This stands to provide  Veritas and IBM clients a more efficient way to migrate data from on-premise systems to the cloud for greater storage capabilities and improved management of their growing unstructured data.

The underlying technology on the IBM Cloud is factored on proven technology from the acquisition of Cleversafe in 2015. That technology, now IBM Cloud Object Storage, brings the industries’ most advanced object storage technology to the hybrid cloud across public, dedicated and/or private on-prem deployments. IBM Cloud Object Storage Cross-Region service is designed to utilize 3 IBM cloud regions so that availability can be maintained even during an outage impacting an entire region. Data will be delivered from the remaining regions, meaning that applications that rely on that data remain up, running and delivering value.


In addition, IBM has certified NetBackup 8.0 to run on the IBM Cloud, offering clients additional data protection for cloud-based workloads. NetBackup 8.0, along with Veritas Resiliency Platform, will be available for order from the IBM Bluemix Catalog of services, providing clients flexible, consumption-based pricing and customizable configurations. Through this model, customers will be able to rapidly provision or modify infrastructure more cost-effectively across the IBM Cloud.


ibm cloud object storageWith data growing to 44 Zetabytes by 2020 and 80% of that being unstructured (video, audio, images, documents, etc.)  this combination of world class technologies is essential. With this combination, across public, dedication and public cloud, cognitive capabilities employing IBM Watson and analytics services  within Bluemix can help derive meaning, value  and drive action – to impact business.


Learn more on the IBM Cloud Object Storage page.

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