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Cook up your blockchain solution with IBM Design Thinking

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Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, IBM Blockchain Garage Services can help you navigate your blockchain journey, find the very best blockchain use cases, build a minimal viable product (MVP) with the speed of a startup, then deploy and scale in production like an enterprise.

We use the proven IBM Garage Method, a unique combination of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, DevOps and Agile Methodologies, to transform ideas on paper into blockchain solutions that deliver tangible business results.

We are committed to helping you discover your best use cases which represent value to your organization. And for the savvy blockchain consumer, you know the market wins when there is a benefit to go around so identifying value for the core business stakeholders of the network.

Visit booth #101 at Consensus 2019 and join one or more 30-minute bite-sized tastes of IBM Garage Method. Think of it as “Design Thinking Tapas” that gives you an initial taste of the rapid innovation process that drives business outcomes you desire.

Workshop schedule at Consensus 2019

IBM Blockchain Garage Services delivers results in weeks, but we don’t do it alone

So, you think IBM is a vendor who going to propose a multi-year rollout before achieving a single dollar of ROI — think again.

IBM Blockchain has a team of blockchain black belts sprinkled around the globe that help our customers solve the toughest problems with aggressive timelines. We can only perform at this level because the team is the most experienced in the industry and because we leverage the output of over 500 client engagements and a significant number of active blockchain networks.

And we don’t leave you hanging with a half-baked prototype, our experts can take you through the entire life cycle, from deploying your network in production to performing at scale.

We also don’t go at this alone, we work side by side with you! From our interactive design thinking workshops with your business, product and technical leaders to pair programming with your developers and architects, you will quickly build knowledge around blockchain and your new blockchain-based solution.

Want to start today? We will help you take the first step

IBM Blockchain Garage Services tackles the biggest problems and real use cases that can’t be solved without blockchain-related technologies and helps you break those down into small, manageable priorities.

Our first step in the process is helping you identify a good versus bad use case, and the benefits blockchain is going to bring to you and your business network. We then help you prioritize the one use case we want to rapidly build together to get you walking the walk of blockchain in the enterprise.

Bring your good ideas and industry knowledge, we add the blockchain experts

Design Thinking is a participant sport. You and your team can do it together with us. It will be active, fast-paced and most importantly fun!

During Consensus, our experienced blockchain industry experts, designers, architects and developers will help you get to the heart of the “no-brainer” blockchain use cases that have been lurking in your people and processes of your organization. We will provide live coaching and interactive facilitation to show how you and your team can generate real results in mere minutes.

Join us for our 30-minute Design Thinking Workshop in one of the following areas:

  • IBM Design Thinking 101 – What it is and why it achieves rapid results
  • Identity – KYC/AML and self-sovereign/user-controlled identity
  • Payments – B2B payments, cross-border payments/remittances and interbank transactions
  • Financial Services – Trade finance, loan syndication, trading corporate bonds or debt, and compliance
  • Supply Chain – Tracking/provenance and international trade
  • Media and Advertising – Advanced media tracking, ad networks
  • BYOU – Bring Your Own use case or transformation idea. Come to the front desk of the booth and reserve your spot ASAP (based on availability).

Don’t take our word for it, learn what our customers have gained from our experts

The American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) is the only national not-for-profit insurance advisory organization. In May of 2018, IBM Blockchain Garage Services led a Design Thinking Workshop with key stakeholders from AAIS, regulators and insurance carriers to design a new system of standardized regulatory compliance reporting. This was followed by a six-week project to build an MVP to implement the base network and key functionality.

AAIS launched OpenIDL at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in August 2018, attracting even greater interest from regulators and insurance carriers. This initial success led to AAIS partnering with IBM to host quarterly design thinking workshops and development release cycles to make the application more robust, scale the architecture, and attract additional participants.

What are the next steps to achieving bigger results after Consensus?

If you engage the IBM Blockchain Garage Services, we work closely with your team to rapidly innovate and deliver business outcomes in just weeks that become the basis for achieving financial results with attractive ROI. Our team does this by focusing on disruptive business improvements that can be done with the least effort and risk and then improving them using input from real world users.

We look forward to seeing you at Consensus 2019, whether you are starting your journey or looking to further your solution to production!

Can’t make it to Consensus? Contact us to schedule your workshop at our IBM Garage location.

Transform your business with leading minds and proven methodologies

Program Director, IBM Blockchain Labs & Garage, North America

Jim Tomonto

Solutions Architect - IBM Blockchain Labs

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